VANKYO is planning to deliver next-generation eye-care home projectors as part of its commitment to producing high-quality movie projectors. Compared to their other projectors, such as the VANKYO Performance V700W, this is said to be more eye-friendly while possessing unique attributes you won’t usually see in its kind.

Is VANKYO a Good Brand?

To be fair, VANKYO has been releasing home projectors that topped expectations. By introducing their devices to the world, they became one of the most popular home visual appliance businesses people trust as they offer superior visual display devices, such as projectors and tablets. Since its inception in 2018, its items have been sold online and offline in many countries worldwide, serving over 2 million people and offering them and their loved ones commendable viewing experience.

Not just that. Following the concept of a “community of living home,” VANKYO not only offers consumers immersive, phenomenal, and intriguing visual feasts, but also committed to gathering users from various backgrounds, preferences, and interests to establish interest communities, eventually building up VANKYO Super LifeHome. 

How Do Projectors Reduce Eye Strain?

TV screens emit eye-damaging direct blue light. However, we know that the indirect light from a home projector, even if it is blue light, is far friendlier on the eyes. So far, they are the finest option in terms of eye health. Living up to this expectation, VANKYO made sure to attach not just convenient features to their home projectors but also exceptional eye care. VANKYO’s lineup of eye-caring movie projectors:

Through a Diffuse Reflection Blue Light Absorption (DRBA*) test, VANKYO UECS Lab* discovered that hazardous direct light from a digital screen causes irreversible retinal damage. This is done by using a sophisticated calculating approach. While projecting images to the wall, eyes are protected from the blue light because the wall absorbs 50.3% of blue light and then reflects only healthy light to the eyes.

VANKYO home projectors may mimic natural light, resulting in no digital eye strain symptoms (often induced by TV screen direct HEV light*) and softer, healthier eyes.

To preserve your eyesight, you may watch your favorite movies and TV shows with this movie projector at an adjustable eye-to-screen distance. Find your comfort zone and enjoy an immersive and stress-free experience.

How VANKYO Subscribes to ‘Green Life’

Now comes the exciting part. VANKYO not only delivers high-quality items for people to enjoy at home but also promotes the Green Life idea to safeguard our world. As a result, they work with Ecologi to plant trees all around the world. VANKYO vows to do all that’s possible to address the climate catastrophe and promote sustainable growth.

VANKYO Leads Green Life, Releases Next-gen Eye-caring and Eco-friendly Movie Projectors

(Photo : Screenshot from VANKYO Official Website )

From September 23rd through December 31st, when you spend $100 on a single order, VANKYO will help you plant five trees in their partnership with Ecologi.

Aside from that, VANKYO will select the best three participants each month (based on watering records) to receive movie projectors. At the end of the time limit, the two final winners will be picked to receive further surprises.

Is Vankyo a Good Choice for a Projector?

By combining eco-friendly attributes and eye-caring features, VANKYO is a trusted manufacturer of movie projectors. Unlike other brands that focus on production materials and execution, this one is committed to making you feel safe and the world much safer against products deemed not good for the environment. 

One of the newest eye-caring and eco-friendly movie projectors from VANKYO is the Performance V700W. Considered a livehouse projector, it comes with a flagship 1080P full HD LCD, immersive Dolby Audio Speakers, and a Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1 that allows you to wirelessly connect to an external Bluetooth speaker or soundbar to experience sound the way you wish. 

This home projector provides far more versatility and is safer for viewers’ eye health. Blue light and direct light effectors are reduced, and the screen projection size is adjustable to minimize inadvertent eye harm. It also includes eco-friendly packing materials like soy ink (a plant-based ink generated from soybeans) and a new molded fiber pulp tray for projector packaging to decrease plastic usage.

On the other hand, VANKYO Leisure 495W comes in second with qualities that exceed most 1080P FHD LCD projectors. This one was made with an approved Dolby sound-supported, theater-quality HiFi stereo speaker, a brighter image by over 125%, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. This movie projector is designed with a high-efficiency light source with a lamp life expectancy of up to 30,000 hours, eliminating the need to replace the bulb for the next ten years. Most importantly, decreased blue light, diffused imaging, and eye-care soft light provide a safer viewing experience without sacrificing image quality.

Meanwhile, the V630W movie projector includes an updated 1080P screen that allows you to sync your smartphone screen via  2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi. The ultra-fast 5G WiFi provides a lag-free streaming experience for online gaming and video streaming. This model features a brightness of 280 Lumens* and a contrast ratio of 5000:1 that can vary depending on use conditions. This home projector is ISO/IEC 21118-compliant brightness measured as part of their eye-caring campaign.

With their new releases, VANKYO has developed anti-blue light solutions that are gentler and healthier for your eyes, while utilizing eco-friendly products such as soy ink to limit plastic usage and safeguard the environment. VANKYO also promises to donate trees to environmental organizations for every projector purchased.

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