Univar Solutions has released its latest white paper, “The Future of Chemical and Ingredient Distribution: Creating Value Through Expertise, Innovation, and Reliability. ” 


According to the global chemical plus ingredients distributor and provider of value-added services, it is imperative that industry leads with a clear vision and a consistent approach to deliver optimum results, especially given the uncertainties around the economic, geopolitical and environmental landscape.


The white papers offers the six key business drivers that will define how technical accelerators and supply chain connectors are shaping the future of distribution. These 6 drivers are the backbone of Univar Solutions and include industry focus, sustainability, technical acumen, digitalization, marketing plus reliability.  


According to the company, the particular past several years have tested the grit of chemicals and ingredients like never before, so it is paramount to add value beyond distribution in order to help position global industries for long-term success. This includes support diverse markets and partner with its customers and suppliers in the throes of provide chain disruptions, changing regulations, and shifting consumer preferences.


“In our continuous journey to better serve our providers, customers, and other stakeholders, we’re always looking deeper, keeping a close eye on market trends, and examining all of our products, processes, plus operations in order to find ways to do things better, ” said President & CEO David Jukes. “As we gear up to meet tomorrow’s challenges, we have never been more excited about the future. ”

Strong Growth Expected for Specialty Chemicals Sector 

By focusing on the needs of the individual end markets, leading specialty chemical and ingredient distributors bring together the best-in-class product portfolio with a technical and commercial framework to provide differentiated solutions, services, plus products. Looking ahead, the specialty chemical substances sector is expected to see strong growth in the next few years,

driven by surging demand in several industries, including pharmaceuticals, plastics, automotive, and food components. An aging population, digitalization, and a focus on sustainability and decarbonization are among the biggest worldwide trends fueling growth, according to the company. To serve these key markets with specialty products plus ingredients that fulfill shifting market demands, this is imperative for future distribution leaders to pursue several initiatives. These include investing in expertise, creating customized experiences and planning.  


In regards to purchasing experience, Univar Options created the particular Ingredients plus Specialties channel that has built industry teams focused on eight global marketplaces: beauty and personal care; food ingredients; pharmaceutical ingredients; nutraceutical ingredients; CASE (coating, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers), rubber and plastic materials additives; home and industrial cleaning; lubricants and metalworking fluids; plus custom packaging and aerospace.


Each of these markets has a dedicated team of sales and customer support and item and specialized management. For example , the global food elements group, known as Foodology by Univar Solutions, includes more than 135 formulation, application, and ingredient experts—many of them along with technical meals science backgrounds, who collaborate with suppliers and brands to help shape the ongoing future of foods, often in our own test kitchens.


In terms of creating personalized experiences, Univar Solutions customizes formulations to assist customers solve challenges across its Ingredients and Specialties teams. In the home cleaning space, for instance, it created commercially-ready formulations and multiple supplier component solutions that comply with New York’s new restrictions on 1, 4 dioxane that will take effect at the end of 2022. The “Conscientiously Clean” kit includes products for an all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, shower-tile and tub cleaner, plus liquid laundry detergent.


When it comes to planning, innovation will be at the forefront. Univar Solutions believes continuous innovation provides a framework in order to stay ahead of industry-specific styles and regulatory changes. It leads to products and services that anticipate the particular needs of customers.  

Case Study – Formulation 

A Gulf Coast entrepreneur making a line of commercial cleaning items sought formula help with the heavy-duty degreaser, hoping to appeal not only as a highly effective industrial “clean-all” product, but also expand into potentially more profitable oil and gas markets. With the right formula, the product would effectively clean engine oils and grease associated with vehicles and heavy machinery, as well as the heavy tar plus sludge related to gas and oil production, storage, and maintenance. With no in-house development and testing resources, the particular customer first sought help from a local ingredients laboratory, but after a number of weeks without success, they turned in order to Univar Solutions to assist fix and improve the blend.  


At issue were the high pH, which triggered hazard warnings especially in oil and gas applications, plus the formula’s performance along with yellow metals like copper and brass— essential to allow the item to degrease motors where copper windings might be compromised with a harsher cleaner. The particular customer needed the formula improvements without having losing the particular product’s original stability and cleaning performance, and wanted a single-source US supplier of raw materials. The Univar Solutions’ lab services group analyzed two parts associated with the blend thought to contribute to benefit pH plus accurately identified the second part because the ph level issue. The offending raw materials were replaced with more eco-friendly options to bring the pH level down to a less caustic level, acceptable for the regulation-heavy energy producers. Univar Solutions then tested both the original product and the revised item for copper leaching. When both samples were found to be inadequate, a yellow-metal corrosion inhibitor was added to the new formulation to achieve the desired level of performance. Lastly, our team provided compatibility and stability testing with regard to the customer, as well as environmental analysis in order to document the particular product’s environment suitability, further solidifying the product as an effective and improved cleaner of tars and sludge.


Partnering with Univar Solutions gave the customer the R& D services plus quick turnaround needed to reformulate a degreasing cleaner, improving pH levels, as well as efficacy on brass and copper mineral. The reformulation and testing work was completed in the matter of days, enhancing product quality and allowing the client to fulfill a 20-tote order from the tank-cleaning client, paving the particular way for success with other coal and oil finish users. The particular improved formula was stronger, less expensive to manufacture, and more environmentally friendly, providing end users a more effective cleaner that will saves time and money while minimizing waste. The diluted solution also proved to be reusable, so end users can reapply the product for several wash cycles without losing effectiveness, further reducing expenses and optimizing efficiency.

Sustainability Drives Innovation and Growth

In another case study, the company innovated vegan options for personal care formulators using beeswax. Beeswax has long been used in beauty and personal care products from face creams, body lotions, and sunscreens to cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara. This ingredient is valued for its natural origin plus ability to provide emulsion, moisture, texture, and other attractive attributes. But a combination of market trends – from the particular broadening attractiveness of the vegan ethos to cost and purity fluctuations inherent in beeswax – has companies plus brands seeking alternatives that are seen since safer and healthier regarding the bees, consumers, and the environment.


With beeswax no longer the first choice for a growing number of commercial markets, formulators needed a viable vegan wax answer, one that could stand up in order to sustainability claims without sacrificing effectiveness or versatility. To address the particular need, a leading wax supplier was bringing to marketplace a carefully curated mix of three plant-based waxes ¬– sunflower seed wax, rice bran wax, plus sumac polish – yet needed assistance in the lab along with performance screening and analysis to confirm essential attributes intended for personal care formulators. At the heart of the particular technical challenge were the nuanced attributes of different plant waxes, building blending and testing period consuming plus daunting for many formulators. Univar Solutions’ elegance and individual care business experts and chemists went to work at its Essen Solution Center analyzing plus testing blend characteristics such as melting point, congeal point, acid values and ratios, and much more, producing extensive data to support and confirm performance characteristics important to formulators.


The results showed this 100% natural alternative, chosen to get its all-around performance plus versatility not just with emulsions but also water-free preparations, can replace beeswax throughout beauty and personal treatment applications, with proven overall performance in ph level, viscosity, sensory, stability, crystallization, and some other physical features. Beyond efficiency and processing quality, the particular material delivers on durability claims because the blend is made from naturally sustainable plus renewable sources, thanks in order to upcycled processes of the plant- based waxes. The component is ECOCERT and COSMOS certified, palm and GMO free, biodegradable, and meets halal and kosher statements, allowing adjustments based on consumer drivers plus needs.


Backed simply by performance screening and data provided by its scientists and industry experts, Natural Vegan Beeswax Substitute (PHC9677) can deliver on vegan, natural, clean, cruelty-free, plus additional sustainability claims without having to sacrifice product high quality in wide-ranging beauty and private care applications. Easy to use and economically viable, this all-natural wax mix offers excellent skin conditioning, structure, plus firmness, and also uniform and stable pigment distribution, making it a versatile choice across commercial attractiveness and private care programs.


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