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Unity Eye Centers of Grand Tropical isle has a new home.

At the beginning of the year, the business moved from its old location on Fourth and Eddy streets, to its new home at 3540 Prairieview St . at Prairie Commons in Grand Isle.

Unity Vision Centers’ team of optometrists and staff work provide comprehensive family eye care. That is accomplished through investment within the latest technology for clinical eye treatment and continuing medical education. They also provide exclusive eyeglass frames from unique designers, 24-hour on-call service and an on-site optical lab.

The new Grand Island location will offer staff members the space to continue providing the best in technology, training, plus products to make their eye care the very best in central Nebraska, said Josh Connor, doctors associated with optometry.

He said the primary reason driving the move was a need for more space.

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“There was no way for us to gain more clinic space and parking in our current area, ” Dr . Connor stated. “We felt like Prairie Commons was the particular premier up-and-coming development in the area. We wanted to be part of that. ”

In January 2020, the practice in Grand Island (formerly Family Eyecare Center), merged with Authier Miller Pape Eyecare in Norfolk and Eyecare Associates of Columbus to form Unity Eye Centers.

“We were all very similar within our approach to the highest level associated with eye care and a passion for excellent patient service, ” mentioned Doctor Chad Hudnall. “We wanted to continue to grow and bring what we all do well to each other as well as expand our approach to other communities in Nebraska. ”


This is the inside of the new Unity Attention Centers place at 3540 Prairieview St inside Prairie Commons within Grand Tropical isle.

Hudnall said this group associated with doctors “brought together several local practices and merged them under one, care-oriented umbrella forming Unity. ”

He said each company with Oneness has a rich history of serving their respective communities. The particular Grand Isle office has served the community with regard to more than 44 years, Columbus, more than 30, plus Norfolk for more than 50.

Hudnall stated these offices combined have more than 100 employees dedicated to their practice and the particular members of the areas they serve.


Dr. Lunda Conner along with Unity Eyesight Centers, examines a patient’s eyes inside their new location at 3540 Prairieview St . inside Prairie Commons in Grand Island.

This individual said each doctor is certified by the American Optometric Association and are members of the Nebraska Optometric Association. Hudnall said workers “are focused on growth inside patient treatment and vision care knowledge. ”

“We want in order to continue as a leader in optometric eye care, with a good eye toward the future, all of us will continue to invest in our exercise, so that our patients will have state of the art eye treatment in a state of the art facility, ” Hudnall mentioned.

Connor said the brand new location may enable them to go from having two doctors available to three or four physicians per day seeing patients.

“This creates much more availability and less wait time for patients, ” he said.


Unity Eye Centers is now located at 3540 Prairieview St, inside Prairie Commons in Great Island.

Among new services offered at the new location are a new dry eye center that will provide brand new technologies, treatments and medical grade skin products used around the eyes. Also, specialty contact lens fitting for hard-to-fit eyes, and expanded exam availability.

Connor said the particular mission statement is in order to be the “provider of choice and employer of choice. ”

“We want to offer the best technology, experience, and care to our own patients inside the region, ” this individual said.

Both Connor plus Hudnell stated eye treatment and preventive practices are usually important.

“The challenge with vision is that eye disease does not involve any pain, ” Connor mentioned.

He said conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration take vision away silently.


Unity Eyes Centers will be now located at 3540 Prairieview St ., inside Prairie Commons in Grand Tropical isle.

“It’s very important that individuals get checked and screened for not only these conditions but other conditions that can furthermore affect your eyes, ” Connor stated.

He mentioned there’s an added importance inside doing retinal screening.

“Retinal screening shows the smallest blood vessels within a person’s body, ” Connor said. “This serves as one associated with the best health screeners a person can receive. If we see changes in his bloodstream we send a report to that individual’s primary care doctor. ”

Hudnell stated preventive care is “extremely important in all areas of healthcare, plus vision is no different. ”

“Catching a problem early is much easier to treat and have positive outcomes, ” he mentioned.

Hudnell said having regular eye exams is the “crucial part of maintaining healthy eye and good vision, particularly as people age. ”

“Eye exams can detect a wide range of conditions plus diseases, many of which can be prevented or treated if caught in their early stages, ” he or she said. “Additionally, preventive attention care may help ensure that corrective lenses are up-to-date, or that will post-operative treatment is being followed after a major eye procedure such as lasik surgery. ”


Great Islands’ Oneness Eye Facilities optometrists are (from left): Dr . Stephanie Grabowski, Dr. Alec Waters, Doctor Chad Hudnall, Doctor. Joshua Conner and Dr. Lynda Conner.

Hudnell said modern technology has improved eyesight care significantly, particularly when it comes to diagnosis.

He stated with advanced imaging and computer vision-based technology, doctors are able to more accurately identify eye diseases and eyesight issues with greater precision plus accuracy, resulting in more effective treatments.

Additional technologies such as contact lenses, intraocular lens (IOLs), laser-assisted cataract removal, and other remedies have all improved visual outcomes.

Hudnell mentioned technologies such as social media and television also have an impact upon vision health as they can increase the amount of period someone spends looking at a screen, which can lead to digital eyes strain or even other related vision problems

Connor said Unity’s primary focus is usually “taking the best care associated with the sufferers. ”

“If taking the ideal care of patients leads to further growth that will be our future, ” he said. “We are actively looking to increase to other neighborhoods. At the same time it is incredibly important in order to us to focus on the residential areas we are already a part of. ”

Hudnell said Unity hopes to “be able to carry on to bring the latest within technology and patient centric care to our communities plus beyond in Nebraska. ”

“We desired to create the new practice location that will function our individuals for the next 40-plus many years, just as we all have for the past 44 yrs in the community, ” he stated. “With our new facility, we believe we can keep on to accept the latest technologies and treatments to the sufferers. ”

Connor said Unity has a “wonderful staff. ”

“Many of our personnel have worked for us regarding more compared to 30 years, ” this individual said. “We also have numerous new staff members. We are usually actively growing as a practice. Eyecare is definitely an distinctive business. I think it really promotes a family-like atmosphere amongst our own staff. We feel very blessed in order to have all of them. ”

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