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UK weather forecast LIVE: Brits to bask in sizzling 30C HEATWAVE with Friday to be HOTTEST day of year,… – The Sun

TEMPERATURES are to soar to mid 30Cs by Friday as a HEATWAVE envelops Britain – prompting a safety warning from the Met Office.

Friday is on course to be the hottest day of the year, with temperatures steadily rising until then.

And by the weekend, Brits will see the peak of the heatwave – with temperatures potentially in the low to mid 30Cs. 

Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Dan Rudman, said: “Temperatures will rise through the week, becoming well above-average by day by Friday when many parts of the southern half of the UK are likely to reach 30C or even 33C in isolated spots.

“This is the first spell of hot weather this year and it is still unusual for temperature to exceed these values in June. Many areas will also see some warm nights with temperatures expected to be in the mid to high teens overnight.”

Meanwhile, Met Office forecaster Craig Snell warned people should “take sensible precautions in the sunshine”.

He added: “Very high UV levels are expected in the South, meaning people should really avoid being in the sun during the midday hours. 

“Wearing sunglasses, a shirt, a hat and sunscreen are essential to protect the eyes and skin, and drinking lots of water is important – long exposure to the sun can be dangerous. 

“People should avoid overdoing it. 

“We all love the sunny weather, but being sensible can help you avoid a nasty sunburn.”

Read our weather live blog below for the latest forecasts and updates…

  • Late June forecast

    Dry conditions with variable cloud are likely for most at the start of this period.

    Light but variable winds and warm temperatures can be expected, but potentially very warm in the far south.

    Through the weekend, we can expect higher pressure from the continent to bring sunny and dry weather, particularly in the south.

    However, a north-south contrast is likely to emerge as lower pressure to the northeast may bring showers and generally more unsettled weather to northern regions.

    Temperatures will be average for most, but warmer in the south, with possible thundery conditions bringing potentially hot temperatures for southern regions.

    High pressure is likely to persist and move westwards through this period, bringing more unsettled and occasionally showery conditions across the UK associated with a northwesterly wind.

  • RLNI urges beach goers to stay safe as summer heat hits the UK

    The national lifeboat service took to Twitter to give some pointers to any Brits that may find themselves in the water as the summer ramps up.

    The group said:

    “If you find yourself in the water unexpectedly this weekend:

    • Fight the urge to thrash around
    • Lean back, extend your arms and legs
    • Gently move them to help you float if needed
    • Float until you control your breathing
    • Only then, call 999 or 112 for help or swim to safety
  • Temperatures to soar

    Temperatures in London and the south-east of England are tipped to soar into the “low 30s” at the end of next week.

    Met Office meteorologist Jonathan Vautrey said “As we move into the end of the week, that’s when we are starting to pick up the signal for the potential for some significant heat to come up from the south.”

    On Saturday, the mercury rolled up into its early 20s, with Greater London getting a taste of the hotter days to come.

    Vautrey said there was “a lot of sunshine around to help to keep things feeling pretty warm”.

    The major heatwave is expected to hit as early as Wednesday and will last for around four to five days.

  • Beware the pollen

    With Summer finally here, it may be unsurprising that pollen levels are high.

    Pollen season starts in January, and those of you who deal with hay fever may have been dealing with the effects since then.

    But the Met Office has set the pollen forecast as ‘very high’.

    For ways to tackle hay fever, click here.

  • Wednesday will see highs of 26C

    Wednesday will see temperatures climb to 26C, but by Thursday Britain will be basking in 29C – the same temperature as the Algarve.

    ManchesterLondon and Southampton will see the warmest weather, with cooler, breezier temperatures elsewhere along the coastline.

    Northern Ireland looks as though it could see highs of a pleasant 24C.

    Temperatures yesterday climbed to 24C in the south while today is slightly cooler at 22C.

    However, up north heavy rain and gales are on the way – as a warning for ‘unsettled’ weather has been put in place for this week.

  • Pets can get hay fever too – here’s what to look out for

    The symptoms pets get can be quite different to the one’s we’re used to.

    While we know a runny nose, streaming and/or itchy eyes are quite common signs of hay fever for us, they aren’t the most common for our pets.

    Here are the key things to look out for if you’re worried about hay fever in your pet.
    – Licking or biting their paws
    – Excessive scratching
    – Redness of the skin, especially around the eyes and ears and in between the paws
    – Shaking their head
    – Rubbing their ears or muzzle
    – Tired or lethargic, particularly on days when the pollen count is high

    If you think your pet is suffering from hay fever, the best thing to do is take them to a vet.

  • British holidaymakers warned of deadly heatwave to hit Spain

    A dome of heat is expected to hit European countries favoured by Brits.

    Temperatures are expected to reach 45C in a heatwave that may be deadly for some.

    Forecasters have predicted the dome will hit the south west of Europe before hitting the West. It is coming as a result of a heat cloud from North Africa travels over Europe.

    People in Spain and France are being urged to take care as temperatures are expected to reach the highest ever seen in these areas.

    Find out more here.

  • Most of us look forward to a heatwave, but they can be problematic for many.

    A lot of the UK is finally enjoying Summer weather and loving it.

    As the temperatures continue to rise, it’s important that we take care to stay safe in the heat.

    For some, a heatwave can pose serious health risks.

    Heatwaves can affect a person’s health if the following are true for you:
    – You don’t drink enough. This can lead dehydration.
    – Overheating, which can lead to serious problems for people who already have heart problems or difficulty breathing
    – Heat exhaustion and heatstroke can be deadly if a person gets too hot

    Take care to drink water and stay cool – the shade is your friend during a heatwave!

  • Protect your eyes in the Summer – they’re more sensitive than your skin

    Eyes are 10 times more sensitive than skin.

    UV rays can have serious lasting damage on the eyes and increase your chances of developing cataracts, the number one cause of blindness in the world.

    The Met Office offers ways to protect your eyes from UV rays including good quality sunglasses that keep out 99 percent of the sun’s rays.

    More information can be found here.

  • What’s bringing about the hot weather on Friday?

    With each day becoming warmer, the Met Office shared why Friday is expected to be hot.

    Temperatures in France and Spain are expected to reach a perilous 45C.

    Brits in these areas are warned to take care, stay hydrated and in cool. And while the UK is unlikely to see those sorts of temperatures, the weather is supposed to be very hot at the end of the week.

    The reason for the high temperatures is due to the heat moving from the continent to our island.

    Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Dan Rudman, said: “Temperatures will rise through the week, becoming well above-average by day by Friday when many parts of the southern half of the UK are likely to reach 30C or even 33C in isolated spots.”

    “This is the first spell of hot weather this year and it is still unusual for temperature to exceed these values in June.

    “Many areas will also see some warm nights with temperatures expected to be in the mid to high teens overnight.”

  • This weekend will also be pretty warm for most

    It may not be as hot as Friday, but the chances are it’ll stay around the 13C mark.

    Still fine BBQ weather, the weekend is likely to remain fine and dry for most.

    Cloud and rain will affect south Wales and south west, central and northeast England.

    After a long period of warm weather, though, there is a risk of isolated thundery showers in the southeast, and a northwesterly winds may bring cooler temperatures.

    Warm weather is probable to remain in the south.

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