Jan. 23—WILLIMANTIC — Since 1997, Tri- County Vision has been the leader and preferred provider of quality vision care products and personalized optometric services to their patients in the Willimantic area.

The business’ experienced eye doctors Beth Schramm, Sean McKeown, Meghan Corkery and Robert Reasoner offer comprehensive vision examinations.

” We’re full service, inch Schramm said. ” Everything from getting the particular eye exam to getting the contact lenses, getting glasses. inches

Tri- County Vision also specializes in the particular diagnosis plus treatment of a wide array of vision diseases, conditions and problems. Through their own advanced diagnostic technology and vision correction products, they are able to improve their particular clients’ eyesight.

” We all care about our patients and want them to have good vision forever, ” Schramm said.

Customers can select their lenses and frames at Tri- County Eyesight. The business has a wide variety of options that can be tailored to suit both their medical needs plus fashion preferences.

Want clear vision without having in order to wear eyeglasses? Tri-County Vision has you covered.

The company fits many types of contact lenses, including lenses that correct for astigmatism, multifocal lenses, gas permeable and colored disposable lenses.

Tri- Region Vision furthermore provides treatment, consultation plus referrals for several common vision correction surgeries and procedures.

Corneal reshaping is one of the vision modification procedures performed by Tri-County Vision. The particular surgery corrects nearsightedness and mild astigmatism by gently reshaping the particular cornea.

Tri- County Eyesight also offers Lasik surgery, the procedure that will uses a laser beam to reshape the cornea. This kind of surgery tends to benefit individuals who are nearsighted, farsighted or astigmatic.

Tri-County Vision works to improve and correct vision issues and functioning through its vision therapy programs.

Most of the business’ eyesight therapy programs include in- office sessions as well as home- based exercises. Office visits are usually around 45 minutes per session.

The business enterprise employs a variety of different tools for vision therapy, including therapeutic lenses, prism lenses plus filters.

To improve peoples’ eyesight, Tri-County Vision offers RightEye Functional Eyesight EyeQ. This is a five- minute, non- invasive test carried out at the Tri-County Vision office that could diagnose a functional vision issue and set a patient on a path in order to improvement.

Tri- County Eyesight also assists athletes with their comprehensive sports assessments. The company’s vision coach works one- on- 1 with athletes and can help them with their hand-eye coordination, reaction time, visual concentration, depth perception and peripheral vision.

Reviews of the business have been overwhelmingly positive. Tri-County Vision holds an online ranking of 4. 8 out of 5 stars based on 426 reviews.

Many of the business’ customers have written rave reviews from the business online.

” The staff is really helpful and nice to deal with!, ” said one satisfied patron. ” The office is clean and modern and the selection associated with frames is great! I’ve been coming here for years and have always had the best interactions. inch

” Tri- County Vision is a great place, ” wrote another satisfied customer on the internet. ” All employees are very competent and cordial. ”

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