This common household product is none other than Vaseline, the same thick, goopy product that generations of parents have depended on to create a moisture-sealing barrier for their babies’ delicate bottoms. It also prevents and heals the symptoms associated with diaper rash, including redness, cracking, chafing, and itching (via Medical News Today ).

Consisting of 100% petroleum jelly, Vaseline delivers exactly the same healing, soothing action to the sensitive undereye area, Dr . Muneeb Shah says. In fact , he calls it “the most effective occlusive moisturizer” there is (via TikTok ). And it’s simple to apply to the eye area before bedtime.

First, Shah recommends setting the stage by applying a gentle moisturizer around the eyes. Then, he instructs his patients to dab on small pools of Vaseline prior to blending the two products together.   Vaseline is perfectly safe, but you can overdo a good thing. You probably won’t know until you give it the dry. The routine could cause milia to develop round the eye. The tiny, white bumps are neither itchy nor painful. And they will go away on their own (via Healthline ).   Until they do, ease up on the amount of Vaseline you use or the number of times per week you use this.

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