I’m currently on a curly hair health journey. I had locs for many years and I recently decided to cut them out. I am nourishing my hair plus I really like using Fanola Curly and Wavy Hair Mask to help hydrate, nourish and strengthen my tresses. After I rinse everything out, We use La Mer The Lifting plus Firming Mask on the face. This is one of my absolute favorite products to use because every time, our face feels firm, rejuvenated and rebooted. Then, around my eyes I actually use Philosophy Hope in a Jar Eye Revival Serum-in-Cream Eye Treatment , and I finish up with the Keys Soulcare Reviving Aura Mist Spray . This is the perfect finishing touch because not only does it help lock in the moisture, but it also makes me feel refreshed and renewed. Tip: you can also use it as a toner by applying this with the cotton pad after cleansing. It removes all the excess oil in your face. My most important step happens between applying all the products. I recite empowering mantras : “ progress, not really perfection”, “I’m a positive light”, and “love starts with me”, among others.

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