September 16, 2022

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Devries reports being a consultant for Thea. Pearson is chief commercial officer for Thea.

LAS VEGAS — Théa Pharma Inc. showcased AcellFX, an acellular amniotic membrane the company acquired from Akorn earlier this year, as well as its iVizia line of dry eye products, at Vision Expo West.

The iVizia eye drops provide preservative-free extended relief to patients with dry eye and are delivered in a multidose bottle that dispenses one dose at a time, Healio previously reported .

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Chris Pearson, Théa chief commercial officer, told Healio that the iVizia bottle is a proprietary design. Other products in the iVizia line include lubricant eye gel and eyelid cleansing wipes.

The AcellFX acellular amniotic membrane, a former Akorn product, is a dry membrane 5 mm in diameter.

“This is different than other dry membranes,” practitioner Doug Devries, OD, co-founder of Eye Care Associates of Nevada, told Healio. “There’s a low risk of inflammatory reactions because there’s no other cellular matter.”

Devries explained how to apply the membrane, saying, “To get doctors to use it, it has to be easy.”

Devries advised to first recline the patient, then instill an anesthetic drop, clean the lid area with a lid scrub and apply an eyelid speculum. “Use a Weck-Cel sponge to remove excess moisture [from the anesthetic drop] ,” he said.

The membrane must be applied to a dry eye, according to company literature.

Extract the AcellFX membrane from the package with sterile forceps, and immediately apply to the eye. Devries told Healio that the clinician can either apply a bandage contact lens or a SleepTite/SleepRite eyelid seal.

“The patient will have awareness of the membrane, but not pain,” he said. “And it dissolves in a couple of days.”

He noted that the biologic will continue to work after it has dissolved.

“This is not first-line therapy,” Devries said. “It’s for patients who aren’t healing with traditional therapy.

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