June 08, 2022

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Théa Pharma Inc. announced its iVizia line of over-the-counter eye care products, which includes eye drops, eye gel and three options for daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids, is now available in the U.S.

The iVizia eye drops provide preservative-free extended relief to patients with dry eye and are delivered in a multidose bottle that dispenses one dose at a time, the company said in a press release. The lubricant eye gel — designed for those with severe dry eye — is available in a preservative-free, single-use vial. Key ingredients include povidone, trehalose and hyaluronic acid, which aid in increasing tear thickness, decreasing ocular surface inflammation and relieving dry eye symptoms of blurred vision, stinging and itching.

The iVizia lid hygiene products include eyelid cleansing wipes, micellar eyelid cleanser and eyelid cleansing gel.

“As an early adopter of the iVizia product line, I’ve recommended the lubricant eye drops to my patients who have dry eye disease or are experiencing dryness and discomfort as they heal from surgery, and have received exceptional feedback and noted remarkable clinical improvements in those using iVizia,” Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO , of Premier Vision Group in Bowling Green, Ohio, said in the release. “I like the fact that it is formulated to target every point of the vicious dry eye circle. The preservative-free multidose bottle that is easy to use provides a great option for patients.”

The iVizia line currently is available through Amazon and CVS and will be sold in more than 26,000 retail stores by July.

“As a driving global force committed to advancing preservative-free treatments in eye care over the past 28 years, Théa is wholeheartedly embracing this latest opportunity to improve the quality of life for patients across the spectrum of eye care through these innovative product offerings,” S usan Benton , general manager and head of Théa U.S., said in the release.

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