LEXINGTON, Mass. –( )–Théa Pharma Inc. (“Théa”), the U. S. subsidiary of Europe’s leading independent pharmaceutical company specializing within the research, development and commercialization of eye-care products, today announced the availability of the iVIZIA line of over-the-counter (OTC) eye-care products in the particular United States.

The iVIZIA OTC product line includes lubricating eye drops, lubricating eye gel, and three options for daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids. iVIZIA eye drops offer preservative-free extended relief and ocular surface protection to patients with any type of dry vision, including those who wear contact lenses. 1 The eye drops are delivered in a patented multidose bottle developed by Théa that protects against contamination while reliably dispensing only one dose calibrated drop at a time to prevent the nuisance and waste caused by the streaming of falls experienced with other multidose bottles. For severe dry eyes, iVIZIA lubricant eye gel is also available in preservative-free, single-use vials. Other than the inclusion of povidone, iVIZIA lubrication eye drops is the same formulation as Thealoz ® Duo, the No. 1 prescribed dry attention drop in Europe. Both eye care professionals and their individuals in the Circumstance. S. will also gain access to three lid hygiene formulas that have become trusted global items. They gently remove oils and makeup from dry, irritated, sensitive eyelids: iVIZIA Eyelid Cleansing Wipes, iVIZIA Micellar Eyelid Cleanser, plus iVIZIA Eyelid Cleansing Gel. All 3 products are BAK-free with no rinsing necessary after use.

The iVIZIA brand is being distributed by Colorado-based Similasan Corporation , known for its natural, homeopathic products with regard to eye, ear, sinus and cold alleviation. Théa plus Similasan had previously formed a partnership whereby Théa has recently become the majority owner. The particular iVIZIA line is now obtainable through Amazon and CVS and will reach the shelves of over 26, 000 retail stores simply by July. Eye care professionals can request samples by visiting the iVIZIA website www.IVIZIA.com/ecp .

“We are usually thrilled to collaborate along with Similasan to bring eye care professionals throughout the United States a portfolio of new options for patients who need comprehensive dry-eye or cover relief — without preservatives that can cause harm in order to the ocular surface, ” said Susan Benton, General Manager, Head of U. S., Théa. “As the driving global force committed to advancing preservative-free treatments in eyesight care over the past 28 years, Théa is wholeheartedly embracing this latest opportunity to improve the quality of life for sufferers across the spectrum of eye care through these innovative product offerings. ”

iVIZIA eye drops provides extended dryness comfort by combining proven ingredients to target every point from the vicious circle of dry out eye:

  • Povidone, the particular active ingredient to enhance viscosity and provide moisturizing and lubricating properties;
  • Trehalose, a disaccharide that provides ocular bioprotection, osmoprotection and rehydration 4, 5, 6, 7 ; and
  • Hyaluronic acid, a component associated with tear film with the ability to lubricate – can bind 1000x more water than the weight.

Clinical studies have shown that the combination of 3% trehalose plus 0. 15% hyaluronic acid found in both dry eyes products:

  • increased tear thickness in order to 240 minutes from one application 7 , 6 times longer compared to hyaluronic acidity alone
  • provided a majority of patients with greater improvement within scores on the Ocular Surface Disease Index 5 compared with hyaluronic acid solution alone
  • decreases ocular surface inflammation; and
  • relieves symptoms including blurred vision, stinging and itching. five

“As an early adopter of the iVIZIA product line, I’ve recommended the Lubricant Eye Drops to my patients who have dry eye disease or are experiencing dryness and discomfort as they heal from surgery, plus have received exceptional feedback and noted remarkable clinical improvements in those using iVIZIA, ” said Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO through Bowling Green, Ohio. “I like the particular fact that it is formulated to target every point of the vicious dry-eye group. The preservative- free multidose bottle that is easy to use provides a great option for patients. “


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About Théa Pharma, Inc.

Established in Lexington, Massachusetts in 2019, Théa Pharma, Incorporation., is the United States part of Théa. Its products comprise a suite of seven leading brand ophthalmic products, including Zioptan ® , AcellFx™, Cosopt ® , Cosopt ® PF, Azasite ® , Akten ® , and Betimol ® , as well while the portfolio of iVIZIA dry eye drops and eyelid cleanliness products written by the Similasan Corporation. In addition , Théa Pharma is developing a preservative-free version of the particular glaucoma medication latanoprost, intended for which it has submitted a New Drug Application to the FDA within the first quarter associated with 2022. By focusing its parent company’s passion plus expertise within the U. H. market, Théa Pharma’s goal is in order to deliver uncompromising care that allows all stakeholders to envision the future of ophthalmic treatment with eye wide open. To learn more, visit https://theapharmainc.com .

About Similasan Company, USA

Similasan will be a Swiss-based leader in homeopathic OTC products with a focus on eye and ear items with its North American headquarters just south of Denver, Colorado. Similasan and Thea entered into a joint venture to create the iVIZIA line of products in order to market. Similasan’s homeopathic products are developed using traditional guidelines plus produced according to FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). To find out more, visit https://www.similasanusa.com .

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