The eye area is the thinnest, most sensitive region of your entire face—the first to betray a night of poor sleep, a salt-heavy diet, or overall dryness—so it requires the bit more detailed care. You may be familiar with swiping on an eye cream or concealing under-eye bags , but what about addressing the orbs themselves? Beauty fans, it’s time to talk about caring for your corneas.  

Just like a lack associated with sleep can exacerbate dark circles, aggravating the eyeballs themselves can result in irritation, dryness, and a sleepy appearance. And according to board-certified ophthalmologist Diane Hilal-Campo, M. D. , founder of twenty/twenty beauty , your makeup routine can easily become the culprit: “Sensitivity in order to makeup will be often confused for seasonal allergies, ” she tells mbg. “You might notice redness, irritation, dry eyes, blurred vision, a burning feeling, the scratchy sensation in your own eye (like something is in it), or even tired eye. ” Not only may this lead to issues with eye health over time, yet the area may also appear bleary and puffy—for those who frequently grab a soothing or tightening vision cream , doesn’t this seem like a good important factor to consider?

It’s time we discuss the bigger picture with attention care, starting with Hilal-Campo’s nonnegotiable tips to keep the orbs bright and healthy:  

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