The latest addition to the line – Abeille Royale Double R Advanced Serum – is a reformulation of the brand’s 2018 classic. It’s been designed to work with your existing routine, or alongside other items in the brand’s range – either way, you’ll reap the benefits. As the name suggests, the particular serum will be two products in one, bottled side by side in order to dispense the clever formula in a single pump.  

The particular ‘renew’ section uses exfoliating white honey, PHAs and AHAs to get rid of dead, dulling skin cells and to create a more even, brighter tone. With every use, skin is smoother and pores become more refined.

As for the ‘repair’ half, this combines the particular Dynamic Black Bee Repair technology with three different types of honey – two associated with which have been  polyfermented to heighten their potency. This, along with  the royal jelly, delivers impressive results – think smoother-looking pores, better glow and the kind of lift plus bounce that wasn’t there before. It helps your complexion to look healthier and firmer, too. We love how well it layers under some other products, sinking in fast without any tell-tale tackiness. Extra points go to the chic packaging which is luxe but still functional, plus the method which is made from 96% naturally-derived ingredients.

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