The Relief Products is adding a new line of products to its ever-growing portfolio associated with homeopathic OTC eye care collections.

New from the Reno, Nev. -based company is the Natural Eye line, designed to meet consumers’ need for clearly labeled and natural products in order to provide safe and effective eye treatment solutions.

“We at TRP have always believed in homeopathy to heal and nurture our bodies, using what nature provides to help your eyes  Stay Healthy, Naturally.   Unlike many traditional OVER-THE-COUNTER eyedrops on the market today, Natural Eyes is made without the use of harsh chemicals that could actually worsen your condition over time, ” said Susan Hanson , COO at The Alleviation Products.  

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Made with 100% natural active ingredients that are globally sourced, the brand’s products are also contact lens safe and suitable for daily use, the particular company stated.

Consumers can find The Comfort Products’ eye care solutions, including the Natural Eyes line, available at Walgreens, Walmart, Dollar General plus Rite Aid, among other retailers.

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