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We’re going into week three of the New Year and I have already failed at one of my biggest resolutions: getting enough sleep . I like to tell myself that I’m still getting accustomed to the new year, and these changes can naturally take some time. However , this setback has had some unsavory consequences, one being that I’ve looked like a straight-up zombie. It’s pretty obvious when I don’t get enough sleep. I’m clumsy, grumpy, and worst of all, the eyes are puffy, dry, and tired-looking.

While the most sensible solution would be to go to bed before real goblin hours start setting in, I can thankfully turn to a worthy remedy in the meantime: Ilia Bright Start Activated Eye Lotion ($46). As  eye creams are usually among our favorite skin-care products, this one caught my eye (no pun intended), due in order to its pearlescent tint plus unique ingredients, including the plant-based retinol alternative. Would it help me look less sleep-deprived until I got the schedule in order? Keep reading to find out.

How it works

Brilliant Start Triggered Eye Cream is Ilia’s first vision cream and newest skincare offering following the success of the C Beyond Triple Serum . The ingredient-conscious cosmetics brand, which launched in 2011, has been expanding its focus on skin care in recent years, though it has infused skin-loving ingredients into its products since the beginning. Bright Start is no different. One highlight of its formula is sea fennel extract, which is thought of as a retinol alternative plus contains vitamin C, fatty acids, organic acids, and minerals . The sea fennel helps with brightening, smoothing, and firming skin.

Other heavy hitters inside Bright Start’s formula are upcycled avocado extract, a zero-waste active that helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness alongside caffeine plus peptides. Clinical research (according to the brand) has shown Vivid Start to hydrate and brighten the under eye pores and skin and reduce darkish circles, fine lines and wrinkles. It all sounded promising!

My honest thoughts

The first thing that will stood out for me with Bright Start was the tube. Most of my attention creams come in tub form, so We appreciate that I could apply the product directly onto my epidermis. You do not have to dip your fingers into a tub or fiddle with an applicator wand (which I always tend in order to annoyingly misplace). It also has a contoured ceramic tip, so you can easily massage the particular cream underneath your eyes.

ilia eye cream
Photo: Author

Gently squeeze out the eyesight cream, which is unscented and offers a slightly tinted plus pearlescent look. While other eye creams I’ve tried can be oily and get time to completely absorb, Bright Start does not. The particular formula itself is silky, lightweight, and absorbs immediately into the skin. It instantly brightens, leaving a super subtle shimmer, thanks to the presence associated with light-reflecting pearls. Using it twice a day for nearly two weeks, my eye looked brighter and more awake, with the pores and skin under plus around our eyes feeling soft and hydrated.

Another thing that I actually really loved about Shiny Start is that I didn’t have to worry about it messing with my makeup. In fact , it acts as a primer for concealer. This was one of the particular biggest selling points for me. (If you’ve ever applied concealer on your under eyes hoping it will help hide your own lack of sleep plus instead finding it difficult to blend, then you will appreciate this particular too. )

I’m making a true promise in order to myself to get my sleep schedule down as soon as possible, but I am extremely happy to have Bright Start on hand within the interim. It might be 1 of my favorite eye creams of all time. I’m taking it as the sign that will I’m currently off to a good  start   for the new year.

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Our publishers independently choose these items. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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