The skin surrounding the eyes requires special attention for several reasons. Vision skin is different from the skin on other areas of your body in that it is much thinner and more prone to conditions like milia, according to Medical News Today . The skin around your eyes is also more reactive to products not specifically formulated for its unique needs.

In an interview with Well + Good , dermatologist Dr. Seemal Desai says, “Eye creams and eye serums definitely have a role in skin care. ” However , it’s important in order to “formulate carefully. ” When choosing a product for your own eye area, there are ingredients that should be avoided entirely. One associated with these ingredients is fragrance. According to Faces First Cosmetic Surgery , fragrance is an irritant and can potentially cause an allergic reaction.

On the other hand, there are many ingredients that are extremely beneficial for the vision area. Vitamins A plus E, for example, are great as well as compounds like ceramides and peptides. All of these can have very positive impacts on this area associated with the face. Some lotions even address concerns like dark circles and anti-aging.

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