In Your 30s…

Crow’s-feet and fine lines start to become more visible in this decade, so Dr. Joel Schlessinger says, “If you haven’t starting using active ingredients like peptides already, now is the time to incorporate them into your regimen. Collagen production slows as we age, which is one of the reasons why we start to see wrinkles at this stage of life. Peptides are the building blocks of collagen, so an eye cream with peptides like Revision Skincare D. E. J Eye Cream and LovelySkin LUXE Brightening Vision Cream can pick up the slack plus help plump and smooth skin. ”   

Another peptide-packed option, which Woodbury, NY oculoplastic surgeon David Schlessinger, MD likes to recommend to his patients, is Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment . It features the particular brand’s proprietary TriHex Technology, a blend of tripeptide-1 and hexapeptide-12 that supports the skin’s natural ability to generate new, healthy elastin and collagen. It also contains sodium hyaluronate, which is derived from hyaluronic acid and offers similar benefits, but has a smaller molecular size so it can penetrate the skin even better. “Most people benefit from a hydrating agent such as hyaluronic acidity to fat the skin, ” he says. “The skin’s capability to hold moisture as this ages, therefore this is more important at this stage. ” 

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