Change is hard, and while menopause is a natural process, it can be upsetting to lose a sense of control over what’s happening to your body. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, and Oprah Winfrey have all opened up about this phase of life and how important it is to talk about breaking the stigma around menopause. And we’re seeing the beauty industry start to follow suit: Womaness is a brand that’s leading the conversation and facilitating empowerment through products that restore some of that control, starting with its skincare line .

One of the first areas of your body in order to be affected by menopause (apart from your reproductive system! ) is your skin. “Estrogen and collagen are closely intertwined, ” board-certified dermatologist and founder of Facet Dermatology Geeta Yadav tells PEOPLE. “High estrogen levels often correlate to high collagen levels, and vice versa. Think about the “glow” we speak about when women are pregnant — that’s caused by high the amount of estrogen. As we age, both collagen and estrogen levels fall, causing changes to our skin. ”

Womaness co-founders Sally Mueller and Michelle Jacobs decided that there needed to be a company that addressed these issues head on. “My aha — or perhaps better phrased, ‘hot-flash’ moment for Womaness happened after an appointment I had at the women’s health center at the Mayo Clinic in 2018, ” Mueller tells PEOPLE. “My doctor and I were discussing vaginal dryness plus painful sex… two things I was all too familiar with, but I had no idea were common symptoms of menopause. ” She says the doctor sent her home with menopause products that felt “dusty and depressing. ”

“There was clearly a huge opportunity to educate women in their 40s in addition to 50s and provide them with high-powered, well-designed products that will would address major symptoms due in order to changing hormones — from dry skin head-to-toe (including your V-zone); hot flashes; mood; sleep (or lack thereof); the particular list goes on and on, ” she says. “When I was in New York a few months later, I relayed this story to be able to Michelle (a longtime friend) over cocktails, and the girl agreed it was due time for a menopause brand makeover. ”

“Both of us have dedicated our careers to speaking to and even supporting women at nearly every stage associated with her life — building brands, product assortments, together with campaigns for you to serve her as the lady moved through first job to marriage, pregnancy, to help kids, ” says Jacobs. “We touched her existence in every way and additionally at each milestone, along with one notable exception: perimenopause. This is very common, unfortunately. While this demographic has serious purchasing power and are the healthiest, wealthiest, not to mention most active generation in history, most marketers write off consumers at age 49. We know this from our own professional and personal experiences. ”

Thus typically the co-founders made this a priority and also created the spotlight with regard to this community of ladies. “We are here for this 50 million women inside menopause or suffering from menopausal symptoms, ” says Mueller. “Yes, 50 million. We always say menopause doesn’t discriminate; if you are usually a female, you will experience menopause at some point in your life. We’re reframing often the conversation about menopause coming from shame as well as stigma to celebration. Life doesn’t end just because your menstruation does. It’s time to focus on your incredible aspects of midlife. All of us call it menopositivity. ”

“We created Womaness in order to be both accessible (through our retail partnerships in Target, Ulta Beauty, Amazon, and QVC) and affordable, with everything in the exact range under $40, ” says Jacobs.  

Whilst the brand carries an array of supplements and feminine care products, below, we’re focusing specifically on the best Womaness skincare products we think a person should know about to help you feel and look your best especially as you encounter changes related to menopause.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As your own hormone levels change, your current skin is often the first zone to be able to be visually affected. “Most notably, skin dries plus thins out, which exacerbates the appearance of sagging skin on the face and neck (such because jowls), fine lines and wrinkles, and rough texture, ” says Dr . Yadav. “This change found in hormone levels can also trigger rosacea in addition to cause acne. ”

  • To aid with menopause-induced skin conditions, women should seek ingredients that spark collagen production, boost and maintain hydration, and help tighten and even smooth pores and skin. “Women inside of perimenopause together with menopause ought to support the particular decline regarding collagen in their epidermis with ingredients that will induce its manufacturing, especially retinoids, ” states Dr. Yadav. “Vitamin C is another great pick as it will help boost collagen creation as well as promote radiance in the skin. Women in this particular demographic will also likely need richer and harder-working moisturizers to maintain nourished skin area. Look regarding formulas of which feature blends of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and plant oils, ” she suggests.

  • No, they don’t. All Womaness products are estrogen-free because as the brand claims, “estrogen isn’t an one-size-fits all solution. ” If you are seeking estrogen-related solutions for you to menopause signs and symptoms, you should consult a doctor or medical professional. In addition, all Womaness products are produced without animal-derived ingredients or even animal testing.

  • “A lot of people may question why two successful C-suite executives decided to become entrepreneurs (during a global pandemic no less), yet we were itching to do more for women like us — and do this on our own terms, ” says Mueller. “We wanted to build something the fact that made a new big difference in women’s lives and additionally asked ourselves where do women within their 40s, 50s, not to mention beyond go to find solutions and inspiration as they move into peri menopause? The answer was nowhere… which is ultimately why we produced Womaness. ”

    “With Womaness, we developed a whole menopause category — by head toe (and every thing in between), ” affirms Jacobs. “There are comprehensive categories intended for menstruation and also maternity, but the market fell short when it came to menopause. Sure, there usually are brands that target incontinence, brands that target sexual wellness, brands that pinpoint menopausal body concerns, nevertheless there wasn’t one comprehensive brand that offered a suite of menopause solutions no matter what the symptom was. That’s what we do together with Womaness. We all focus upon the whole woman/whole body, via dry pores and skin to incontinence, hot flashes to genital dryness  —  versus some sort of silo approach of only offering items or options within the skincare space or perhaps only inside the feminine care space. ”

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Madison Yauger will be a staff writer for PEOPLE who’s tested hundreds involving lifestyle goods across all categories. With a background in news and lifestyle journalism, she has a wide network connected with expert sources. She’s previously covered many beauty topics across skin care, makeup, as well as hair. For this story, she spoke to typically the Womaness founders, a board-certified dermatologist, and thoroughly researched the brand plus each item.

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