Mathieu Rambaud, manager for North Asia, told CosmeticsDesign-Asia​ that it was crucial to push the ingredient in the South Korean market as it is one of the most influential cosmetic markets regionally.

“Korea is a leading market for cosmetics, and I think the level of Korean cosmetics is getting higher and higher while the customers are requesting better and better products. Overall, it’s a very good ecosystem. The rest of the Asian countries follow Korea, so as an ingredient manufacturer, it’s very important to be strong in Korea.”

The firm was present at industry event in-cosmetics Korea in July, where Myralys bagged the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award in the active ingredient category.

The ingredients maker has observed a gap in the market for anti-ageing eye care products that not only act fast but can target the ageing effects of glycation around the delicate eye area.

“The bad effect of glycation is mainly that the glucose will bind with the protein, and then it will not only damage the protein, but it will also lead to inflammation, free radical and cell damage –including the cell of the capillaries,” ​explained Rambaud.

“And around the eye contour, you have all these issues like blood stasis, blood leakage that can lead to dark circles and eye bags. Also with glycation, it can also lead to damage of collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts.”

Notably, this can lead to the development of eye hollows – a result of a lack of volume in the tear trough that can exacerbate the appearance of dark cycles.

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