Since its launch, Confirmed Skincare has achieved impressive growth. The company’s sales rose from less than USD 100, 000 in 2019 to USD 10 million in 2020 and to more than USD 20 million during 2021.

Skin Genome Project

Co-founded by strategy consultant Ming Zhao and data scientist plus an engineer Dr. Amy Yuan , Proven Skincare utilizes a three-minute quiz to create an individual profile based upon more than 45 categories, including skincare goals, geography, genetics, lifestyle, and more. The promise of this data crushing is a personalized combination of ingredients matching the customer’s specific skincare needs initially delivered in a set of three different products: a day moisturizer, the cleanser in addition to a night cream.

To create the individual profiles, the particular algorithm created by Proven is capable of interrogating typically the “Skin Genome Project”, an in-house database of built over 28 million consumer reviews and even 4, 000 skin-related research papers . According to the creators, it is “the largest beauty data source on earth”.

New personalized eye cream duo

The same technology was used to create Confirmed Skincare ’s two new items: Personalized Day Eye Cream and Personalized Night Eye Cream.

The particular creation of the duo comes after Proven surveyed its community about its skincare requirements. Findings include:

-   70% worry about wrinkles on their face.

-   43% associated with those worry about eye facial lines and crow’s feet.

-   58% are concerned about undereye bags.

-   82% are at least a new little concerned about dark circles under this eyes.

Like all of Verified ’s products, often the two formulations are tailor-made to work for an individual’s unique skin and in harmony with its particular lifestyle together with environmental factors.

We considered the smallest details such as stress levels, hours of sleep, local pollution levels, and additionally water hardness to create an unique solution that brightens users’ eyes and combats signs regarding aging like crow’s feet or dark circles, ” said Proven co-founder and CEO Ming S. Zhao.

As for Tested ’s initial range, customers have the option of taking out a subscription, then receiving regular shipments, or buying products as and when they need them. Typically the Duo’s subscription price will be USD 129. 99 while the one-time purchase price is USD 179. 99.

On October 2021, Established Skincare launched an UNITED STATES DOLLAR 60 million fund-raising round under the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation A regime. At that time, your company stated its aim was to use the funds to invest in further AI innovation and talent, to expand domestic not to mention global marketing efforts for its existing goods, and in order to invest in additional research and development involving new product lines and categories.

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