It’s a new year, which means a brand new opportunity to take your life to the next level. Junk food? Outta here! Negative self-talk? Absolutely not. There’s only room for top-tier health and wellness and the good folks at Nordstrom want in order to help you achieve that, but where do you begin? Don’t fret, Complex has narrowed down some items to help kickstart your new beauty and skincare regimen.

Kiehl’s has been a heavy hitter within the skin care world since, forever, (really since 1851) so when the company released their Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil, a serum that helps restore your skin’s natural awesomeness, we new you needed it in your existence. And for those of you hoping to perfect your pout, Kylie Cosmetic’s  Matte Lip Kit  within the shade “Kisses from Nordstrom” is the perfect mauve color for those who aren’t fully into nudes or totally committed in order to pinks.  

With several other products including Black owned brands and other items  that specialize in natural ingredients, Nordstrom will soon become your one stop shop for all elegance, wellness plus lifestyle purchases.

And what’s even better, they won’t put a hole in your pocket.