Prior is a Japanese beauty brand established in 2015 dedicated to mature women aged 50 and above.

The brand is available primarily available in its domestic market and offers a range of skin care, hair care, body care and make-up products.

In October, the brand is set to debut Beautiful Eye Cream Colour, a cream eye shadow in a stick format that claims to care for the vision area along with ingredients such as Argan oil plus hyaluronic acid.

According in order to the brand name, the multifunctional eye product can hydrate and brighten the attention area while also concealing wrinkles and dullness.

It was developed to “feel like skin care” ​ and will be available inside four soft pastel colours – beige, brown, pink and lavender – plus gives the glossy, bright finish.

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In light of the particular COVID-19 pandemic, the focus on personal health have pushed cosmetic companies to develop makeup products with skin-loving advantages.

According to the brand, the development of this product was also influenced by the increased focus on the eyes given the prevalence of mask-wearing.

According to a survey of 1, 083 women that Shiseido conducted in December 2020, women in their 50s to 70s noted that highlights around the particular area increased the impression of happiness by around 27%.

Previously, CosmeticsDesign-Asia reported ​ that Shiseido Japan CEO Norio Tadakawa said that Japanese consumers were likely to continue wearing masks for the foreseeable future even if it is no longer mandatory.

As such, the firm was working to tap into new opportunities, such as eye treatment and eyesight make-up products.

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