Sarabia Optical, one of the leading optical brands in the Philippines, brought innovative eyewear items this 04 01, 2022, improving total vision care of Filipinos. This is also part of Sarabia Cares campaign that has been launched recently to give people accessibility to vision treatment services and products

To give a brief about Sarabia Optical, the brand existed moreover than a century and it was pioneered by the first ever Filipino Optometrist, Dr. Frederico B. Sarabia, in the particular year 1906. The brand also carries premium products such as Lindberg, Randolph, Cartier, Gucci and other more eyewear items. Sarabia Optic also offers Essilor lenses, the world’s leading ophthalmic optics company, and Alcon, one of the biggest distributors of contact lenses.

Last April 01, 2022, Sarabia Optical released their two of their innovative lens called Blue Defense plus Sun Sensor. Due to health crisis that the Philippines is experiencing today, a lot of people are now on their phones and computers, working and communicating with friends plus families, however , little people know that will these kind of technologies emits blue light that causes eye strain and headache.

Blue Defense is a specialized lens that protects your eyes from harmful blue light, and it prevents headache, vision strain, plus blurry eyesight. Blue Defense is made from advanced technology that makes it smudge repellant and water repellant. It also has anti reflection capability that makes the eye relaxed. This lens will be perfect for those people who are always on the computers and phones, as it deflects blue gentle protecting your eyes from this artificial light.

While people protect their own eyes through blue light, UV rays is as dangerous as the said artificial lighting. UV Rays can cause corneal sunburn that will results in order to eye redness and blurry vision. Sarabia Optical has Sun Messfühler that safeguards the eyes from UV rays. The uniqueness of the product is usually that when used indoors, it is totally clear, but when used outdoors, the zoom lens darkens to ensure protection from the eyes from UV rays.

Sarabia Optical is also eager to open several stores within Metro Manila this year to offer this revolutionary products to people for their vision care. The brands vision this year is to give people accessibility to affordable vision care.

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