Samsung’s Eye Comfort mode balances light exposure plus color temperature and adjusts screen settings to provide an optimal viewing experience for consumers

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced that its 2023 Neo QLED [1] and Lifestyle TV [2] lineups received the ‘Circadian Rhythm Display’ certification from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), a leading electrical engineering certification institute in Germany. The certification underscores Samsung’s commitment to developing technology and products designed with customers top of mind.

This accreditation recognizes that Samsung TV’s Eye Comfort mode provides an ideal viewing encounter for consumers spending more time indoors by automatically balancing light exposure and color temperature in order to mimic natural outdoor light.

The circadian rhythm has a cycle associated with inhibiting melatonin secretion for dynamic activities during the day, while activating the release for a comfortable sleep at night. Melatonin is a hormone known to help you rest well.


VDE’s certification validates the benefits of Vision Comfort setting on users’ circadian rhythm by measuring circadian stimulus at different illuminance levels and assessing the impact on melatonin suppression. The certification process complies with the Circadian Stimulus method based on the research results of the Lighting Research Center in the particular U. S.

This is one of many verifications Samsung TVs have received representing ongoing efforts to put users and their experience front plus center of product design. Previously, Samsung TVs possess received ‘Eye Care’ qualification from VDE and ‘Glare-Free’ validation through UL, along with ‘Pantone Validated’ and ‘SkinTone Validated’ certifications from Pantone, both signifying that certified Samsung screens satisfy the organization’s colour accuracy standards.

[1] For models Q70C and above

[2] The particular Frame, The Serif plus The Sero

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