The Relief Products

Reno, Nev. -based The particular Relief Items has been offering homeopathic options for the past 36 years, developing more than 30 remedies that harness the healing power of nature to gently ease symptoms. A majority associated with the company’s products are concentrated in the eye and ear care categories, with additional remedies for cough and cold, digestive health and pain management.  

“In 2022, TRP unveiled Natural Eyes as a ‘natural’ fit in the marketplace, where we recognized a growing need with regard to clearly labeled, natural products to provide safe and effective eye care solutions, ” said Susan Hanson, TRP COO.  

As the entire OTC market continues its shift toward natural, TRP has established itself as a frontrunner in the eye care category, using 100% natural active ingredients that are contact lens safe, suitable for adults and children and have no known side effects or drug interactions.

The company will continue to focus on the particular natural OTC eye care products in 2023 with the latest product development, Natural Eyes Dryness Relief, which provides a natural solution regarding one of the most common vision conditions experienced by consumers, especially those who are middle-aged or older.  

In addition , TRP’s Organic Ears offerings will be formally introduced into the marketplace in 2023.

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