It feels like there’s not a day that goes by without a celebrity launching their own beauty brand . What once excited and intrigued me now has me mentally shouting, “why, God, why? ”. It sounds dramatic, but when you realise that we live in a world with Robbie Williams starting a skincare line, you know somethings gone awry (no shade to Rob).

I’ve diagnosed myself with ‘celebrity beauty brand fatigue’, and I doubt I’m the only one. Amidst all the questionable namesake brands, was Uncommon Beauty.

I was never a massive Selena Gomez fan, to be honest. We felt my Disney channel days were behind me personally when Wizards of Waverly Place first landed on our screens and somehow – partly because I in no way listen in order to music beyond 2008 – didn’t know much about her music, too.

So , when Rare Beauty launched in 2020, I actually mentally filed it within another pile of celebs launching elegance brands plus lost the file. It took two years for it to come back on my radar and actually try the first product from the brand name – their now famous, liquid blush .

As time went on, I found myself actively looking forward to trying out their hero products and their own new launches (not that Selena would care, obviously). It didn’t seem that will it was just myself experiencing a Rare Elegance renaissance, the products were suddenly all over our social media feeds.

In fact , site traffic to Rare Beauty rose 70% in between November 2021 and November 2022. It clearly wasn’t just in my mind, the particular brand has been really gaining momentum. When you consider just how many new brands are releasing, that’s impressive.

With its growing popularity plus attractive new launches, We decided to try out almost all the products I could get the hands on from Rare Attractiveness and make a definitive shopping list of the make-up bits that were worth splurging upon (and the ones that aren’t).

If you’ve been wanting to try the brand for the while right now, you can find our top picks below, plus the ones you can probably reside without. Your bank account will thank me later…

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