CASPER, Wyo. — On Thursday, a fourth-generation Wyomingite’s vision clinic is holding its great opening in Casper with an eye for western heritage.

Powder Horn Eye Care previously operated out of the east-side Casper Walmart before moving to its brand new 4621 Wyoming Blvd. location between Blue Ridge Coffee and Medicap Pharmacy. Dr . Jason Whitman, OD, and his wife Hannah wanted the interior of the new clinic to honor the aesthetic feel of the American West.

“I came to Casper in 2012, ” Jason Whitman said on Thursday. “Prior to that, I’d been in Cody practicing since 2004, and I’m fourth generation. We were inside the east-side Walmart with regard to a decade and then after COVID and everything, I decided I really wanted to do my own thing. ”

While there are still some finishing touches, the clinic’s design features western themes. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

“I wanted to have a clinic that we can be proud of. I wanted something that really honors our traditional western heritage and Wyoming. As we designed the medical center and every thing, I desired it in order to be sort of a western lodge visual. ”

There are still some finishing touches that need to be done inside the new clinic, but the western theme is apparent in things like a cow hide hanging on the particular wall behind the front desk, horns above a selection of glasses frames plus a wagon wheel–style chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

“We tried to make it as cowboy as we could out here and still fit a medical setting, ” Hannah Whitman said. “We’re not quite done decorating yet, but we’ve come the long ways. ”

The cowhide on the wall in the background is an example associated with how the center aims to have a western feel. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

The particular couple practices photography and plans in order to hang a few photographs of cowboys around the walls of the clinic.

In terms of the vision care, Jason Whitman said Natural powder Horn Vision Care is able to offer several of the particular best technology available.

“We desired to utilize the highest-level technologies in here, all the latest and greatest of almost everything, ” he said. “We wanted the large selection of frames with lines that no one else carries and all of us wished to just really offer the very best services that we could here in Casper. ”

An example of the particular technology offered is an optical coherence tomography system able to image the retina to check regarding different types of eye diseases. The program also offers angiography to check on the blood vessels associated with the eyes, which can also help detect other health issues such as diabetes, Jason Whitman said. The clinic is sometimes able in order to detect illnesses affecting parts of the particular body other than the eye, and while it specializes in vision care, it is often the entry point into other areas of the healthcare system as some patients haven’t seen a primary treatment doctor within years.

“We manage the vast majority of medical eye concerns and eyesight concerns right here, but we also have a large network of physicians that will we work with for various things, ” Whitman stated. “We use our primary care doctors for our diabetic patients plus that’s one of my special interests in this business will be diabetics — taking care of them because they possess some unique needs. ”

Glasses frames are displayed under horns and some other art in the brand new clinic. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

The vision clinic sometimes helps detect other issues patients are dealing with, such as hypertension and autoimmune disorders.

“A lot of times we’re the particular entry point into the healthcare system intended for patients who otherwise really don’t like to go to the doctor, ” Whitman mentioned. “That’s a real common issue. ”

“But we see all kinds of problems in right here. Whether it’s for an artist having a hard time seeing through their camera lens or somebody that’s having a hard time out at the firearm range, we can do all kinds of things. ”

People’s frequent use associated with digital devices has a definite impact on eyesight, Whitman said.

“We see a lot more patients becoming nearsighted and, of course , there’s a concern over blue light, ” he stated. “We find blue light products to be really useful for patients who are on products all the time, which is pretty much everybody in this stage. ”

Unlike her husband, Hannah Whitman did not grow up within Wyoming, yet she mentioned she has fallen in love along with the area.

“The second I set foot within Casper, I felt like this particular would become home forever, ” she said. “To actually be small business owners in this community is so wonderful and I think that Jason would say the particular same — it’s simply an incredible place to live. ”

Jerrika Whitman offers some issues about the wind in Casper prior to settling down here.

The new clinic features high ceilings and a western-themed chandelier. (Brendan LaChance, Essential oil City)

“I thought, ‘I’m not sure with the particular wind plus stuff within Casper, ’ but We love Wy, ” this individual said. “My family has been here since before it was a state, so it is really cool to actually have a business here where we all get in order to live in Casper and enjoy almost all the outdoor activities. We’re real big outdoors people. ”

Some of the couple’s favorite places to visit locally are usually Casper Mountain and Pathfinder Reservoir to get fishing and boating.

A great deal of Powder Horn Attention Care’s staff who worked at the clinic when it was at Walmart are still with the medical center at its new area. The center also has the particular medical records and insurance information pertaining to its existing patients, plus Jason Whitman said the goal is to make the particular transition to the new location as seamless as possible for individuals.

“We’ve got our own same friendly, professional personnel, ” he or she said. “We wanted this to become comfortable for whenever they come in here. … We’re super excited about moving forward on this journey and supporting our community and just taking real good care of people. ”

Powder Horn Eye Treatment held the grand opening at 4621 Wyoming Blvd. between Glowing blue Ridge Espresso and Medicap Pharmacy upon Thursday. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

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