Education initiatives

The World Council of Optometry (WCO) and Alcon   have launched a year-long global dry vision disease education initiative, designed to increase optometrist understanding of prevalence, diagnoses and practical management associated with the condition.

In November, a website was launched for the evidence-based education initiative, featuring resources and tools around dry eye disease.

The website will host on-demand webinar recordings following a series regarding live events that began on 8 November with ‘Dry Eye Mitigation’ led by Professor Jennifer Craig , plus will include further occasions planned with regard to January on ‘Dry Eye Measurement, ’ and March, covering ‘Dry Eye Management. ’

A wrap-up event in May will introduce a new ‘Dry Eye Wheel’ tool. Registration for the live events will also take place through the website.

The ‘meet the particular faculty’ section of the website will expose practitioners to figures leading the schooling programme, while a blog will present insight from optometrists and eye care professionals in support of typically the webinar content.

WCO website

Biodegradable wipes

Scope Eyecare launched this Optase Belphawipe in Nov, made to “clean, soothe in addition to refresh” sensitive eyes.

The baby wipes contain tea tree oil, which often the company highlighted is recommended in DEWSII as having anti-bacterial and even anti-microbial properties. The wipes also feature aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and chamomile.

The preservative-free wipes consist of a textured edge to help remove unwanted debris together with dirt from the eyelid and additionally eyelashes.

The wipes are also biodegradable, presenting a more sustainable option for patients.


Eye care for kids

The Body Doctor has launched a brand new junior range of attention care products designed to suit the smaller facial features of children.

Available in a Healthy Eyes Kit or individually, the products contain The Vision Doctor Warm Eye Compress, featuring your company’s patented antibacterial Sterileyes, and The particular Eye Physician Junior Biodegradable Eyelid Wipes.

Both products are aimed at kids aged between three not to mention 12 and are suitable for dry eye disease, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), blepharitis and styes. The baby wipes are furthermore designed to help keep children’s eyelids and also lashes clean.

Typically the Junior range has been designed as a treatment for unwelcome symptoms, or a preventative measure, with the exact company encouraging parents in order to support youngsters to look after their eyes as well as build positive habits for their future eyesight health, “just like they look after their teeth. ”

Eye Doctor Junior product

Practice tools

Essilor Instruments added to its range involving dry eyes equipment in 2022 along with the launch of the Activa Home Eye Mask by SBM Sistemi and two digital slit lamp adapters.

The eye mask provides an automated procedure for heating and massaging the eye lids, generating the heat connected with approximately 42 degrees regarding 15 minutes and applying a micro-vibration-based massage. This mask can be used as an in-practice treatment or rented to be able to patients.

Essilor likewise introduced the particular DSLC200 plus DEM100 electronic slit light adapters. Essilor instruments director, Paul Cumber explained that, in combination, this technology enables practitioners to “conduct a comprehensive dry eye work up within their normal examination environment, ” without taking up any more space.

The DEM100 takes the tear film automated digital analysis with multiple tests, while the DSLC200 slit lamp imaging system provides high quality images and videos of the eye.

Commenting on how the particular Activa Eye Mask has been received since launching, Cumber said: “Early adopting practices have been excited by the ease of use and simplicity in helping to unblock meibomian glands for their patients. ”

“Interest in the Activa Eye Mask is growing rapidly as patients report typically the beneficial effects from using this eye mask, ” Cumber added.

Activa Eye mask

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