Combining products and resources in creative ways can help grow your business.

Combining the latest treatment and diagnostic technology with a focus on providing thorough education has allowed me to create a thriving boutique-style experience for my patients. I believe in being an early adopter of medical technology, and I consider incorporating anything that helps me personally become more efficient and effective within diagnosing, managing, and educating my patients.

As one of the few Black female optometrist founder and owner in private practice inside Cobb County, Georgia, We see patients from near and far. In doing so, I want to provide the best and most advanced care that addresses their concerns.

Bundling tests and treatments

We have created a variety of screening bundles at my practice, combining products plus exams that are targeted toward different concerns—sometimes with both cosmetic and medical benefits. In the preappointment paperwork, they see information about available bundles: antiaging, dry eye, and retina. Patients can select whether they are interested in learning more. In addition to making things clearer for patients in terms of cost plus benefits, the particular out-of-pocket and fee-based screening bundles assist me identify those who are very invested in their therapy.

The anti aging bundle includes an evaluation with regard to drooping eyelids and age-related blurry close to vision or presbyopia. The technician will direct the pretesting according to the particular patient’s preselected bundle.

Patients can evaluate the severity of their eyelid droop at a mirror set up in the pretest room, and we take a picture with a good iPad before instilling any drops, such as oxymetazoline hydrochloride 0. 1% (Upneeq; RVL Pharmaceuticals, Inc). The patient receives additional information and consultation on acquired blepharoptosis plus education on pilocarpine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution 1. 25% (Vuity, Allergan), and the particular package consists of an iWellness retinal scan to confirm the macula is healthy.

New drops manage eyelid droop, presbyopia


Upneeq will be the only FDA-approved pharmaceutical indicated regarding acquired blepharoptosis or a low-lying upper eyelid margin when the eye is in primary gaze. 1 The particular condition is common in older adults, affecting at least 12% associated with adults 50 years or even older. 2, 3

The drop was approved based on data from two 6-week, randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled phase a few efficacy studies of 304 patients. The study results found oxymetazoline has been associated along with significant improvements compared with those of placebo in main superior visual field and eyelid lift. 1

Vuity’s approval had been based upon data from 2 pivotal phase three or more clinical research, GEMINI one (NCT03804268) plus GEMINI 2 (NCT03857542), which included 750 participants with presbyopia aged 40 in order to 55 years. The research participants self-administered 1 drop of the product or placebo once daily in each eye. Both studies met their major end points. 4

Over 70% associated with participants treated with Vuity gained 2 lines or better in mesopic, high-contrast, binocular distance-corrected near visual acuity without losing more than 1 line of corrected distance visible acuity at day 30, hour 3 vs individuals who administered placebo. 4

My patient conversation and follow-up procedure

When I actually enter the exam room, I review the particular patient’s examination results plus discuss their own available options. We take the time to educate the patient on eye health, annual exams, nutraceuticals, and supplements, plus I emphasize the importance of knowing their family health history.

For the antiaging package, we instill both sets of drops, telling individuals we want to review the results along with them and walk them through any kind of adverse effects. After 20 minutes, we reassess patients’ near vision and take an image of the particular eyelids.

I actually offer one follow-up teleconsultation as part of the antiaging bundle. This last touch point with the individual comes after they have acquired more encounter with Upneeq and Vuity outside the clinic. This particular puts the particular bow on what sufferers consider fabulous care. I ask how they are doing with their treatment, review their financial investment, plus let all of them know I’m sending the prescription to the pharmacy. We remind them to contact myself if they experience any discomfort or have other issues or even concerns.


The pace at which usually new devices and drugs are introduced in vision care can be hard to keep up with. Some optometrists may complain that they are not interested in selling new treatments to patients. To me, this is the wrong mindset.

Instead, it is usually our duty as wellness care providers to stay abreast of all advances and educate our patients about their obtainable options. Individuals may not be thinking about pursuing a specific option that day, but they will know about it within the future. I do not really want in order to withhold knowledge from patients or possess them hear about something new from another source.

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