A Newbury optometrist has endorsed a new unique biometric eye scan, which will be free to access for one day in Newbury.

The revolutionary form of eye testing, called DNEye is coming to Parkway within Newbury on Saturday (following World Sight Day upon Thursday).

German lens company Rodenstock is bringing its DNEye van to offer the totally free scans – which measure the anatomy of someone’s eye, creating a lens customised to them.

Valarie Jerome
Valarie Jerome

Rodenstock technicians will be in town from 9am-4pm and will certainly be able to give people a biometric scan of each eye and analyse the data, which has previously been unmeasurable.

It will simulate for individuals how glare affects the eyes under daytime plus night time conditions, as well as how it affects vision from far to near.

Rodenstock works with Valarie Jerome Optometrists – based on Northbrook Street – in providing frames and lenses.

Dr Valarie Jerome said: “They [Rodenstock] have chosen Newbury to bring their DNEye big vision van plus educate the particular general public about products they offer and how they can enhance someone’s vision with the new lenses. ”

She said the technology allows technicians to take individual measurements of each eye – around 7, 000 points of data intake – and use it in order to combine with a traditional spectacle prescription to provide patients using the best visual outcome in their glasses.

The girl added that patients notice a difference in night time driving, improved contrast and better vision when using the computer.

Mrs Jerome said: “I am passionate about eye care and being an advocate to promote better vision care to my patients and general public. ”

Rodenstock has previously assisted Mrs Jerome in her efforts to provide eye treatment to refugees and asylum seekers in the district.

Upon the arrival of Syrian refugees seven years ago Mrs Jerome helped them get access to glasses and attention examinations – things that are often forgotten regarding when it comes to supporting refugees.

“A lot of people think that they immediately possess access in order to benefits plus free eyesight tests with the NHS, ” she said.

“When refugees come here they go weeks and months and they can’t see.

“When asylum seekers come, obviously they flee, so these people don’t pack their bag.

“Often times when someone leaves [their home country] fast, they will leave behind glasses or contact lens so I have got been capable to help all of them get their sight back really. ”

Mrs Jerome – who came to the particular UK in 2009 from America – stated: “I reached this country as an immigrant so I know how hard immigration can be. ”

In 2020 the girl worked with West Berkshire Council to assist Afghan asylum seekers plus again within 2022 along with the introduction of Ukrainian refugees.

The lady added: “When you leave a country you keep everything at the rear of, friends, family, your job, your safety and security.

“It just really touched me and I felt a real calling to help individuals. ”

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