Mistine is the flagship makeup products brand of Thai company BetterWay Co. and is known locally and regionally for its variety of affordable colour cosmetic products.

However, when the brand debut in China in 2016, it focused on its skin care offerings instead. This strategy made Mistine one of the top sunscreen brands in The far east, especially among the generation Z crowd.

However, the company is now looking at opportunities beyond sunscreen and will be focusing more on colour cosmetics moving forward.

At the moment, sales of color cosmetics only contribute to around 5% associated with total product sales.

Mistine’s brand and business development director, Jackey Ho, told CosmeticsDesign-Asia ​ that while it may be a while before the lip category recovers due to mask-wearing, the eye category has proven to be resilient against China COVID-19 woes.

“For colour cosmetics, we will focus on what we are strong at, such as eyeliner plus mascara. We will continue this but of course we are going to not just produce colours like black, but also dark blue or purple. ”

The company is also focusing on complexion items, such as liquid foundations and CC cushions.

Sunny outlook

On the other hand, sunscreen continues in order to be an important category for the company.

According to Ho, sunscreen sales account for around 70% to 80% of Mistine’s sales in China.

“Today, there are many opportunities in the beauty industry, many trends. Of program, we have to pick the ones that we are competent in and have expertise in. Sunscreen is one of the particular trends that we work hard on, ” ​said Ho.

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