By Zsarlene B. Chua

SKINCARE has always been a very important part of my daily routine because I believe that feeling beautiful starts with sensation good about yourself. Yes, I’m a believer of the good ‘ol “skincare is self-care” adage.

I’m also a sucker for all the trending skincare products and routines — from the 10-step Korean skin care routine, to the daily facial mask routine plus layering on so many toners, hyaluronic everything, in order to name a few.

But as I continued upon my skincare journey, I realized that I needed to craft a routine that would not only suit my skin but also take into consideration the amount of time and money I’m willing to spend on my items.

I became more purposeful in the skincare choices by trying newer, more affordable brands. This led me to gravitate towards local skin care brands which — in my opinion — are having a moment right now by putting out amazing products at amazing prices.

If you’re on the hunt for affordable and local skincare finds, here are some of my favorites:

(NOTE: My skin is currently dry-to-normal. )

Fresh PH is the local skin care brand that will offers “Korean-value skin and personal care items that are affordable yet high quality. ” It will be not to be confused with the Fresh beauty brand under LVMH.

The brand, according in order to its website, believes that “looking your best is usually achievable without having to spend upon high value treatments, ” something I wholeheartedly agree with. It’s no wonder why Fresh PH is one of my favorite manufacturers right this moment.

One of the products that will has become a staple in my routine is their Sunglow Tinted Sunscreen. I’ve always been a fan associated with multi-purpose skincare products — especially those that can simplify our makeup program — that’s why I have always used tinted sunscreen in place of foundation or BB creams.

Tinted sunscreens are excellent if you need light-to-medium coverage or if you’re going for that “clean girl” or no-makeup-makeup aesthetic.

The Sunglow Colored Sunscreen offers SPF50 PA+++which means it offers broad spectrum protection against the UVA rays that cause skin aging and the particular UVB sun rays that trigger sunburn. The particular product also contains Centella Asiatica (which has great anti-inflammatory plus hydrating properties), Niacinamide (also anti-inflammatory), and sunflower oil (which offers anti-aging plus anti-inflammatory properties), making it perfect for people who have sensitive or even acne-prone pores and skin.

At only P329 per 50ml squeeze bottle, it’s the great price for all the benefits it provides. It also comes in three shades: Fair, Medium, and Deep. The texture is definitely smooth, though because my skin tends to be a bit dry, We need to mix in a bit of moisturizer in order to make this glide on better. I actually think this texture is perfect for people with oily or combination epidermis though. A little pump goes a long way for coverage, but since I use this particular as the main sunscreen, I do two pumps for my entire face plus let it set for a bit before putting on our makeup.

While I still have a special place in my heart for the Belo Sunexpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen, this Sunglow sunscreen happens to be the main character of my skincare drawer.

Sunglow simply by Fresh Creme Tinted Sunscreen is available on Fresh. ph, Lazada, Shopee, and Watsons stores.

As a dry-to-normal skin girl, moisturizer can be something I always have to have in the life. Whilst there are a ton of options out there, We do tend to have very specific requirements with regard to my moisturizers. In the particular mornings, I actually prefer lighter moisturizers that will layer underneath makeup, while at night, I prefer heavier lotions that will certainly keep our skin moisturized until I wake up.

1 of my most recent finds is certainly the New Skinlab Tomato Glass Skin Hyaluronic Waterdrop Cream that I bought on a whim because we were leaving regarding Boracay the next day and I had run out associated with my travel-sized Hada Labo moisturizer.

And I loved it. It has that will super light “water” texture that sinks into the particular skin upon application (great for oily to combo people! ) but still keeps the skin replenished with water all day. Since it provides tomato extract, it has anti-aging properties while promising that dewy, juicy glow. Additionally, it offers Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, a sunscreen agent (though please nevertheless use sunscreen! ), Hyaluronic Acid (to hydrate the skin), arbutin and Vitamin C (for lightening dark spots).

I put a layer on after my serum in the morning plus I add a little bit more to my tinted sunscreen to make it apply smoothly. If you’re looking for a lightweight moisturizer, this is the product you should consider.

Refreshing Skinlab Tomato Glass Pores and skin Hyaluronic Waterdrop Cream is available upon Fresh. ph, Lazada, Shopee, and Watsons stores.

Human Heart Nature (or Human Nature) is a Filipino vegan and cruelty-free personal, home, and elegance care brand name known for using sunflower essential oil and all natural ingredients in their products.

In the past, I’ve adored their moisturizers and their own Sunflower attractiveness oil still remains one of the top beauty oils I personally use for the face, hair, and almost all over our body. Sunflower oil provides great anti-inflammatory properties alongside combatting darkish spots and moisturizing your skin. This will be why I’m happy in order to have discovered the particular Sunflower Eye Cream.

Vision creams are one of those types of skincare products that We consider add-ons: they’re not super important like lotions and sunscreens and you can certainly live without it, but if you want a little some thing for your own eyes, it’s a product to consider adding to your schedule.

I haven’t always utilized eye creams but now that I am entering my late-20s, I actually felt that it was time to step up the anti-aging game and eye creams is one way to do it. The Human Heart Nature Eye Cream promises to improve suppleness plus helps relax tired puffy eyes — something you’ll need should you be like me and prone to staying up late.

I use this within the morning and at night after moisturizing, and a very small dot does more than enough for both eyes so the 15ml squeeze bottle goes a long, long way (I’ve been using mine for more than two months). I love this particular product because it does moisturize my undereye area and softens our dark circles, plus, it has this very smooth consistency that makes it easy to apply.

Human Heart Nature Sunflower Eye Cream is available on HumanHeartNature. com, Lazada, Shopee, and physical stores nationwide.

I’m currently on a journey to take better care of my hair plus to address issues like hair fall and frizz. I have thin wavy tresses that tends to be oily up top and dry at the bottom. I’ve tried the trendy methods such as skipping shampoo altogether plus using conditioner only, in order to no avail. It just gives me personally dandruff and more curly hair falls. No, thank a person, I’ll keep shampooing every day.

So , instead associated with the no-poo (no shampoo) method, I decided to look for other shampoo brand names and that is what directed me in order to the The heart Nature Natural Shampoo Bar. This hair shampoo bar is not only environmentally friendly as it is plastic-bottle free plus contains no harmful chemicals, it furthermore contains nice ingredients like Cocoa seed butter, Supplement E, and Avocado oil that maintains the locks healthy plus smooth.

I was new to this shampoo bar sport and it took me the little bit of time for you to get used to this, but once I got the hang of it, We started to really enjoy the product. Like regular soap bars, you’ll need to wet the particular shampoo bar and lather it on your hands prior to applying it to your scalp. As a person with an oily scalp, I actually only place shampoo upon my head and condition my mid-length and ends.

Your Coronary heart Nature hair shampoo bar is usually great since it keeps the hair soft, even without having conditioner, and the Zesty Vanilla Delight variant smells incredible — they have that refreshing citrusy-vanilla scent. I love smelling our hair along with this product. It also keeps major oiliness in bay, so it’s a major plus.

One thing I experienced to learn to do has been to maintain it in a dry place to make this last longer. In my first forays, my shampoo pub melted too fast, but right now I put it in its very own case and keep it away from water right after using it —   I’m on my second month associated with use today.

I furthermore feel good regarding making much better choices for the environment due to the fact using a shampoo club means one less plastic bottle.

Human Heart Character Natural Shampoo Bar Zesty Vanilla Delight is available upon HumanHeartNature. possuindo, Lazada, Shopee, and bodily stores countrywide.

Zsarlene Chua is definitely a former BusinessWorld reporter who can be now the fledgling PR girl. She’s all about skin care, makeup, plus video games. None of the particular brands reviewed are her clients.

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