Don’t you just love those products with lovely fragrances that make you smell like heaven all day long? Those pretty soaps, bodywash, moisturisers , we simply love how they smell. But do you believe all those fragrances to be natural with no negative effects at all?

The most important of a brand claiming to become safe is – transparency. We almost all deserve to know what are the ingredients in the products we pay for and apply on our skin . Brands are legally required to mention the ingredients associated with the pores and skin and body care product’s on their labels. As a consumer, always feel free to shoot your queries.

Now that we’re talking about the ‘not so pretty side’ of these beauty products, with the help of two experts — Dr MS Ranu Yadav (Cosmetologist) and Dr Vishal Purohit (Plastic Surgeon) Daffodils by Artemis, Jaipur, let us help you understand what endocrine disruptors are.

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