Jennifer Garner is joy personified—much like her bubbly character, Jenna Rink, in the rom-com 13 Going On 30 . The difference? Garner isn’t exactly using wishing dust to jump forward or backward in time, but she does have a favorite eye cream that “erases the harshness of new lines” almost like magic.

BAZAAR. com catches up with the actress over Zoom to learn all about the fall beauty favorites taking up space on her squeaky-clean vanity, what she loves about being 50, and her polarizing take upon candy corn.

Is there anything you’ve done to your skin in the past you wished a person hadn’t?

First of all, I was horrible at makeup. I was so bad that I cannot use a single picture from high school or even college. We weren’t allowed to wear it. Then when I did, the particular only make-up I had was stage makeup, plus it was specifically ballet makeup. I was like a clown. It’s like pancake makeup—so poor. If only I could go back and scrub that girl’s face. We didn’t know then that skin is what was pretty.

What do you add and subtract in your skin care regimen as the weather grows cooler?

I only add. I actually never take away. It’s just more moisture and more moisture. Things get a little thicker plus heavier and yummier. It can about keeping moisture inside your pores and skin and making sure your cells are turning over as much as you can. I’ve been the fan of Neutrogena’s Retinol Pro+ Serum for a long time, plus this year they added an eye cream , and that’s my big new takeaway. That and the face lotion . On my retinol nights, I do all three. That’s making a huge difference, because after the summer you’ve got to brighten your skin back upward.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Pro+ Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Pro+ Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Vitamin a Pro+ Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Living in a dry place like Southern California may leave epidermis parched. How do you keep it comfortable and hydrated?

Every other night, I use this whole retinol regimen, and it really does make a huge distinction, and I make use of it all the way. Part associated with what’s great about falling in love with the drugstore product is that you can use them lavishly. I use it on my décolletage, my neck, the sides of my neck, the face, plus the backs of our hands.

Then, I do this vision cream. I had been nervous about using vitamin a around my eye, yet I’ve worked with Neutrogena for 15 years. I trust their science, and ophthalmologists say it’s okay. So I’m good to go. I have noticed a difference. It erases the particular harshness of the new lines I have around the eyes.

On the other nights, I actually love hyaluronic acid. Especially like you said in California, you need to add hydration. Hyaluronic acid is great, because it recruits your own skin’s dampness and brings it right to the surface to give you the plumpness. Plump skin will be young skin. During the day, We use Hydro Boost with SPF 50 . You have to wear sunscreen year-round, and this moisturizer gets it almost all out of the way while you’re plumping up your skin. Is actually a no-brainer.

Is your bathroom vanity organized or messy? Why is it that way?

It has been making me crazy. So I did set a timer with regard to myself the other morning. I actually woke up super early, and I said I’m just going to do 30 minutes on our bathroom. We don’t typically do interviews up here or something like that, but it just felt appropriate. If I actually flip my camera, a person would be like, “Whoa, you actually have got your act together, ” because I’ve cleaned this all out. Now, I just see a bunch of cute pictures of cute kids.

What products are the permanent part of your own routine, regardless of the season?

Retinol is part of my routine. I’m fifty now, so that’s a part of the deal. Hyaluronic acid is usually part of my program no matter what, and so is a gentle cleanser. I’m very serious about cleaning your pores and skin before bed. You cannot go to mattress with makeup on. If I’m working and am possess a lot of make-up on, at the end of the day, I will use the particular Neutrogena makeup remover wipes to soften everything upon my eyes so I don’t have to scrub that will area. Then I’ll return and wash my face.

You mentioned that you’re 50. Is there anything regarding aging that will has surprised you? What about it has really pleased you?

What amazed me is definitely that I don’t feel 50. I feel great. Really this number that hangs out in front of you forever. I’ll hear other people who are in their 20s say, “Oh, well she’s, like, 50. inch And We think, Oh, my gosh, I’m fifty, and I am totally cool. You don’t even know yet, yet it’s going to be great! I avoid mind that my kids think I’m a dork. Points just may bother me personally in the same way. A person kind of have got a little more perspective on things.

Do you have any healthy epidermis care tips or tricks that have nothing in order to do along with topical products?

I have a few. One is you always look better with a smile than not. So plaster one on. There are two other things: The first is you’ll never look or even feel better than right after the workout and a shower, plus you’ve got to be consistent along with your workouts. All of a sudden in my age, you really care about what’s going to happen with your brain, your heart, your blood pressure, and your blood sugar. Each single appointment I go to at this point, the number one thing they say is to exercise. You have to build that into your life. There is a time when your babies are usually little and you are working, so you really may not be able in order to do it. Which okay. Keep a toe in and do what you can. But they will get bigger, plus they can start making their own breakfast. That is when you have got to go ham and build it back in your own life and never let upward.

What are you heading to end up being for Halloween?

What I’m going to be regarding Halloween is obviously a secret. It’s such as asking exactly what I’m wearing to the Oscars. But it’s going to fun.

Favorite costume associated with all time?

My mom made me a carrot costume whenever I had been little because I asked her to. It had cardboard on the top with green. She can sew, thus she also made a big orange jumpsuit. I wish I experienced a picture. Of course, I have no photos of my childhood, only bad makeup images. I also was a mailbox not that will long ago, and that brought myself a large amount of pleasure. And I was a little old lady once, also it felt like which where Now i’m headed. Those were very good.

Have you ever had the Halloween appear that was not really a treat?

Once my entire family, we went as the Wizard of Oz . I used to be Glinda, and it was a rented costume, also it was this large huge costume. As the evening went on trick-or-treating with three little kids, they’re losing bits of their own costumes. I actually have them in cozy pajamas and the Tin Man lost his costume and all of a sudden I am stuck as Glinda, and I got rage due to the fact everyone else was comfortable and I couldn’t take mine off. I couldn’t get it done. I actually was simply Glinda with this big dress. The just good thing was that will I had a wand.

Candy hammer toe: Yes or no?

If there was a pound of it in front me, I would carry out it in. I would pour milk on it plus have this as cereal. I actually don’t care. It’s candy. It has the particular word chocolate in the name. In case it says candy, I am just gonna eat it.

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