SHANGHAI , Dec. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  JDDJ and JD Shop Right now have rolled out  food and beverage packages for Chinese football fans, making it easier for them to place orders on the two platforms during the world’s biggest soccer tournament by providing them along with instant shopping and delivery services.

Data shows that from Nov. 21 to December. 11, purchases placed on JDDJ and JD Shop Today during the nighttime hours accounted for nearly 30 per cent of the platforms’ total, boosting sales of several categories of products, including alcoholic beverages, snacks, fresh foods and football-related merchandise.

The football competition stimulates consumers’ sports enthusiasm. The search for football-related merchandise and memorabilia on both channels has increased six times compared with the previous weekends, while the product sales of sportswear grew more than tenfold on a year-on-year basis.

To achieve better football viewing experiences, consumers upgraded their equipment. Sales of television and VR headsets increased more than fivefold while projector grew by 137% on the y-o-y foundation. Beijing district took a lead in VR headphones sales, in contrast to Guangzhou plus Shanghai .

In particular, half of the particular beverage orders include beer. Besides alcohol beverages, coffee and tea were also popular among football followers, with sales growing simply by 80% y-o-y. Hot pot is also popular for consumers in cold winter nights. Sales associated with roots and leafy vegetables, as well as beans products offers been doubled. In addition, sales of cooking machine, air fryer and electric oven increased tenfold y-o-y.

Furthermore, product sales of pomegranate, mangosteen plus durian saw an over threefold increase while apricot sales surged a lot more than 10 times. Sales of essential oil and eye-care items rose greater than 270% plus 100% respectively.

In inclusion, the on-demand delivery arm of Dada Group, Daddy Now, is distributing tens of thousands of warm winter accessories at no cost to the platform’s riders across the country within tandem with the launching of a special offline winter care-themed event and a severe weather emergency plan. To date, thousands of Dada Now cyclists across dozens of Chinese language cities have received the first batch associated with warm winter accessories, with more such accessories scheduled to be distributed through a centralized distribution point by the particular end of the year.

About Daddy Group

Dada Group is the leading platform of local on-demand retail and shipping in  China. It operates JDDJ, one of  China’s  largest nearby on-demand store platforms with regard to retailers and brand owners, and Dada Now, a leading local on-demand delivery platform open to merchants plus individual senders across various industries and product categories. The Company’s two platforms are inter-connected and mutually beneficial. The particular Dada At this point platform enables improved shipping experience regarding participants on the JDDJ platform through its readily accessible fulfillment solutions plus strong on demand delivery infrastructure. Meanwhile, the vast volume of on-demand delivery orders from the JDDJ system increases order volume and density for the Dada Now platform. In  June 2020, Dada Group began trading on the particular Nasdaq Global Market, under the ticker symbol “DADA. ”

SOURCE Dada Team

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