In the first four hours of the online sales event – said to be the peak of the particular event, transaction volume of nourishment and supplement products was 120 per cent higher than that associated with last year.

Categories wise, the liver and eye care segments were said to have increased by two times in transaction volume as compared to last year.  

Products wise, Nemans algae DHA 90 capsules bottle, BYHEALTH’s 600g protein powder gift box, and Schiff Move Free’s 120 coated tablets glucosamine chondroitin container for supporting joint health recorded the highest transaction quantity on JD Health.

Aside from its traditional use within sports diet, protein powder is also popular in China for its immune health benefits, Yang Ye, vice president plus general manager of nutrition and wellness care items at JD Health told NutraIngredients-Asia ​.

Brands wise, deal volume of Swisse, BYHEALTH, and Tong Ren Tang broke the particular RMB100 million (US$13m) mark.

Swisse, BYHEALTH have been the usual bestsellers during Double 11 for the past few years. Last year, Swisse’s most popular products ​ included its calcium + vitamin D mini tabs, liver detox, and grape seed products.  

This year, the NAD+ Restore – a product under Swisse Plus, a range catered to Chinese consumers seeking premium products, has been highlighted as one associated with the items that have exceeded the particular one mil yuan tag in Double 11 this year.

The hard-capsule product contains Niagen – a patented nicotinamide riboside ingredient from Chromadex ​ – and is said to support NAD+ production and anti-ageing.

This reflects the trend of how ingredients associated with NAD+ production possess been well-received in the Chinese market. One prominent example is nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

JD Health cited Swisse In addition NAD+ Recover as one of the examples well-liked simply by consumers for its scientifically-backed ingredients.

Products with novel flavours plus dosage formats, such as Biostime’s milk-flavoured probiotic natural powder and SmartyPants kids multivitamins gummies had been the other products that have broken the one million yuan mark.

Products that are easier to consume, such as mini-sized calcium tablets also recorded the transaction volume that was six times of the same period last year. Examples of popular items include Swisse’s Calcium + Vitamin D small tabs. Each tablet is usually said to be only one-third of the particular normal tablet size, making it simpler to swallow.  

Other categories, including vitamins for infants and toddlers, calcium, glucosamine chondroitin, fish oil, co-enzyme Q10, products containing lutein, lingonberry extracts, and those targeted at liver and lung health, also reported 1 . 5 times growth in transaction volume.

Emerging needs

Based on its data, consumers’ demand with regard to weight loss, slimming, beauty have significantly increased.

In fact, products that claim to contain zero sugar, no carbohydrates, plus zero fats have become the new pattern, said JD Health.

This has in turn led in order to the demand for meal replacement milkshakes, low-sugar nourishment products, collagen, slimming and antioxidants items.

Pet care is also stated to have got gained strong momentum.

Online nutritionist consultation

On the other hand, JD Health has introduced an online doctor consultation program, which it said had been designed to resolve consumers’ pain points when selecting the health supplements to purchase.

“Based on consumer surveys, we found that consumers are facing a number of pain points when it comes to selecting nutrition products.

“For example, they might not know how to choose the products. For some, they know that they require nutrient supplementation but do not know which product suits them, ” ​ Yg said.

Users can choose whether they want to consult the nutritionist when they are on the product page while shopping on JD app. The option to consult the nutritionist is at the particular bottom from the product page.

“If I were to take the protein powder as an example, the most common questions through users would include regardless of whether a particular protein powder is suitable for me, and if I have certain chronic diseases, can I consume the item, otherwise, what are some of the particular more suitable items. ”

The service has been running as a pilot project since the end of 2020.

Yang mentioned that one of the challenges was that consumers might not readily notice the option to consult the nutritionists but once they have used the particular service, most would be satisfied with this.

“Consumers may not notice this service easily on the item page, yet once these people have consulted the nutritional expert, the level of satisfaction are very high. At the moment, the overall satisfaction level is at 95 per cent and above.

“We have seen very positive feedback about the consultation service from our users, but when we talk about their awareness of this support, we are usually still in the stage of promoting it and we are still working on this. ”

Another challenge to overcome was equipping the nutritionists with adequate knowledge associated with the products.

“We might think that the particular nutritionists might have a good understanding of the items, but we realised we need to educate them upon the functions of the vast variety of the particular nutrition products sold on our platform, in order to improve their ability to resolve consumers’ queries, ” ​ Yang said.  

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