IF THERE is one thing Chris Salgardo knows, it’s good skincare. How could he not, when he was president of Kiehl’s for 18 years and under his tenure grew the brand into one of the best-selling grooming brands in history. Chances are, you’ve seen and probably used products he was responsible for bringing to your bathroom (or gym or hotel room). He learned so much about what men want and need to groom with that he literally wrote the particular book on it . And now, nearly three years after leaving Kiehl’s, he’s once again coming to a medicine cabinet near you. This time as a brand founder.

Enter Atwater , the new men’s skincare brand developed from start in order to finish by Salgardo himself. Named after his father’s hometown associated with Atwater, CA, the line comprises eight straightforward products at launch (available at Nordstrom and Atwaterskin. com) . Salgardo brought his keen knowledge of skincare and formulation, not to mention his strong opinions, to every single tube and bar in the collection. The tight edit features two moisturizers based upon skin type, an eye cream , a face scrub , the shaving lotion and 3 cleansing bars.

Eye Armor Eye Moisturizer

ATWATER Eye Armor Eye Moisturizer

Skin Armor Moisturizer

ATWATER Skin Armor Lotion

ATWATER Skin Armor Face Scrub at Nordstrom, Size 3.4 Oz

ATWATER Skin Shield Face Scrub at Nordstrom, Size 3. 4 Oz

Smooth Target Shave Cream

ATWATER Smooth Target Shave Cream

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Above all else, Salgardo set out to make Atwater simple. You won’t see extraneous products that will you don’t know how to use. Salgardo drew on their years in Kiehl’s, not just developing products, but talking plus listening to men about what they actually want to make use of. “Men always said, I want healthy skin, I just want to look better, ” he remembers. “Most importantly, it needs in order to be a routine you’re going to stick with. That’s why I kept it simple with only the steps that are going to give you the best pores and skin you can get. ”

The second pillar of Atwater is clean formulations that are usually not going to wreck your skin. “It’s 2022—you should not be putting alcohol on your face. You should not end up being putting fragrance on our encounter, ” proclaims Salgardo. Even though these people don’t contain harsh ingredients, the products are still packed with active ingredients like niacinamide, salicylic acid, and botanical extracts and oils, all of which focus on brightening the particular skin plus revealing a healthy complexion. “Whether you have dark or light epidermis or if you have got wrinkles or even fine lines, brightening components will always serve you best and have the most honest claims, ” he says.

But what really stands out among the products is the textures, which Salgardo took great pains to get perfect (we’re talking three years associated with development). From both his personal experience and years of customer conversations, he understood that you, me, and all men really, really care regarding texture. “Men don’t want to feel moisturizer on their skin, ” declares Salgardo. And he’s right, of course. That’s why Pores and skin Armor , their hero moisturizer for all skin types, sinks in to your skin quickly plus effortlessly without any sort of greasy feel (and with regard to the record, so does Oil Regulator, the version for oily skin, and a forthcoming formula for extra dry skin).

What sets Atwater apart is the unfussy yet simple approach to skin care. You will not see any brotastic marketing, hard-to-back-up claims, or crazy ingredients in the Atwater wheelhouse. “I didn’t need to climb some mountaintop to find some flower that only blooms upon every following day of every fourth year, ” he admits that. “I simply wanted to make the formulas better and power up exactly what I knew really worked. And that’s what We did. ”

And while the product he may be most personally obsessed with is the Eye Armor Eye Moisturizer in it (“I am an eye cream fanatic, ” this individual admits), his biggest skincare advice will be way more simple. “You have to moisturize, ” he or she says. “Not enough males do this. Think about your car. If you left your car outside and never took care of it, never polished it, and in no way cleaned this, it would dry, crack plus fade. That is what happens in order to your face. You might not care now, yet one day you will. ” Thankfully, along with Atwater, avoiding that fate has never been easier.


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