By Musa S. Sheriff

An Indian-born ophthalmologist who arrived in the Gambia year back has vowed to address the growing eye problems the country is facing by providing affordable eye care services to every Gambian.

In this edition of our publication, our editor sat down with him to share his experience and a wide range associated with issues

My name is Optom. Muhammed. M. Alam, is an  Indian by birth and is an eye specialist. I studied at U. P State Medical Faculty, Lucknow India, and NIMS University formerly the particular National Institute of Healthcare Sciences in Jaipur, India. My qualifications are We. SC. D. R. OPT, B. Opt. M. Choose. I am also a member of the IOA Indian optometric Association & WCO world council of optometry and APCO Asia Pacific council of optometry.   I have over 10 years associated with experience as an eye specialist working within Africa plus India.

Tell us about your work in your own country before coming to Africa.

Muhammed : In 2010 I actually started working with Dr . Agarwal eye hospital within India for two years prior to I got promoted and worked in some parts of South plus Eastern The african continent, countries like Mauritius, Seychelles, and Madagascar before finally moving in order to Zambia and other African countries in 2015.

Which African country did you start  working in before visiting the Gambia?

Muhammed : The first African nation I started working in was Mauritius which was in 2010.

Many vision diseases are affecting many people globally and many are not aware of or know the causes, could you tell us some of these diseases affecting many elderly and young ones as well?  

Muhammed :   There are hundreds of different eye diseases and vision problems. Some have no cure, but many others are treatable. You can assist inside your attention health simply by following a healthy lifestyle and seeing your eye care professional regularly and any time your eyesight changes. Eye diseases like Refractive error myopia, hypermetropia, and Astigmatism.

Cataracts, Pterygium, Cornea ulcer, conjunctivitis, etc . are the most common eye issues affecting millions globally.

  What do you do at I-care Optics in the Gambia?

Muhammed : Since I-Care optics  Ltd began operation within the   Gambia in   June 2021 at London Corner, Safdeen junction, Serekunda,   we are offering an international standard optician service, comprehensive eye examination that includes auto-refractometer to refine refractive errors; non-contact tonometer for eye pressure; visual activity test in order to find out the distance, near and intermediate vision; refraction assessments to determine prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses; Ichihara’s test for color blindness; duo-chrome rest, jacks on the particular cross-cylinder plus pinhole tests and slit-lamp retinoscopy and ophthalmoscope examinations with USA 90 D lenses. We also provide medicine and eyeglasses within 20 minutes plus a maximum of two weeks.   The motto of the company will be Easy access to I treatment, Quantity product, and inexpensive price.

Vision “Eyes are the most beautiful part of the body, we will help you in order to protect it”. Our mission is to offer clear vision with the best eye care facilities and the latest available technology & equipment. I-Care optics Ltd  also offers a wide range of high-quality optical products including designer frames such as Gucci, CK, Emporio Armani, Lexis, Guess, Tom Ford, Prada, Vogue, Titanium, Boss, Dior, Police, Tommy Hilfiger, D& G, among others. Both frames plus lenses are usually priced to accommodate different kinds of budgets.

Lenses are available in plastic, glass, and polycarbonate.

With us, spectacles will be in your hand in just 20 minutes.

  Eye problems are becoming common in The Gambia and what are the particular causes?  

Muhammed : Eye problems are common in the Gambia like Refractive errors

Cornea ulcer, dry eye, allergic conjunctivitis  Cataract.   The causes are lack of awareness and heavy sunlight and dust. People are not willing to check their eyes once a year even if they don’t like and don’t want to wear eyeglasses after the advice from the Dr. also. And they run to the Doctor Once their eye difficulties become more complicated plus in the end, they lose their eyesight, so we need to do regular check-ups in least once a year and protect the eyes from dust plus sunlight.

What are the most common eyesight problems in this country?

Muhammed : The problems are many yet just in order to name a few, cataract, cornea, and retina management are the particular most typical troubles in the Gambia.

Plus finally, tell us about your new plan with regard to the Gambia.

Muhammed :   The new plan for the Gambia is to make I-care easy access, affordable, plus quantity eyes care service for all. Vision care for All, Everyone deserves the best eye care support under one roof.     We are opening our head office at Handoon court, former dream park Senegambia on Wednesday 7 th   December 2022.

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