Sometimes the secret behind an incredible look isn’t makeup or skin care at all, but rather an out-of-the-box product that has taken the particular beauty industry by storm in recent years: Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops . This is the case for many celebrities—JLo and Brooke Shields are fans—who swear by the tiny bottle for its eye-brightening power that no eye cream or even eyeshadow can even come close to helping create. Hailey Bieber’s makeup artist has used it on her many times, whether it’s before a photo shoot or interviews. It’s also gone viral on TikTok as a top beauty “hack. ” These are my honest thoughts.

The Benefits:

I’ll admit, when I was first introduced to Lumify in 2018, I was skeptical. I wear contacts, plus my eyes can be a bit sensitive with certain lash serums, drops, etc., so I tread lightly with new vision products. But when I saw the before-and-after images the brand was using in its campaigns, the particular science-backed clinical trial data and the doctor recommendations, I figured I’d give it the try. Fast-forward several years, and it’s still one of my favorite products. My colleagues share my sentiments, and 1 NewBeauty staffer recently told me she thinks it is her “favorite product she’s ever used. ” (Like me, she’s been in the industry a long time too).

So what makes these FDA-approved drops so good? They provide life to tired eyes almost instantly. It’s almost like waving a magic wand and then poof! The redness is gone (or significantly reduced). The secret lies in the key ingredient, low-dose brimonidine , and Lumify is the only OTC attention drop to contain it. Brimonidine was first approved by the particular FDA within 1996 with regard to reducing intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma, and is available at higher doses in prescription-strength products. It is not the bleach or a dye, but rather an active ingredient that will selectively constricts the veins in the eyesight.

You only need one drop per eyes and the effects last up to eight hours. Below, you may see the before-and-after. My eyes were very bloodshot with an overall pinkish-hue, plus the “after” (below) has been taken one minute after applying the drops. My eye looked so bright, refreshed and awake.

Key Ingredient:

Low-dose brimonidine tartrate (0. 025%)

How to Use:

Put a single drop in each eye that needs it every six to 8 hours, yet don’t use more than four times a day. If you experience vision pain, changes in vision, redness or irritation that worsens or even lasts a lot more than three days, talk in order to your doctor. If you wear contacts like me, be sure to take them out prior to putting the drops within. Then wait 10 minutes just before putting your contacts back in. If you use other attention drops (for dry eyes, etc. ), wait at least five minutes between products.

The Bottom Line:

This may become a makeup artist’s red-carpet secret regarding celebrities, but at the price of $13, anyone can benefit.

Price/Where to Buy:

$13–$22, target. com
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