Now that we’ve established how common it is to keep expired products, let’s get into the nitty gritty: is it really that bad to use old makeup? We asked Dr. Emma Wedgeworth, Consultant Dermatologist and British Skin Foundation Spokesperson. “The concern after the [expiration] date is that products may change composition [the way a mixture is made up] and therefore be more at risk of contamination from bacteria and [molds], ” she says. “By applying this to your face, you could be causing irritation or pore blockage, ” resulting in anything from itchiness in order to breakouts. Dr . Wedgeworth adds: “If you already have a compromised skin barrier [e.g. dry, scaly, irritated skin] or even an existing skin condition, you are at a higher risk of infection or irritation. ” Especially in these instances, Dr. Wedgeworth advises sticking closely to the expiration dates.

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