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How to stop sweat patches: 4 ways to beat the heat – ‘avoid’ these triggers – Express

Wear loose-fitting clothes

Tight clothing can exacerbate sweat patches by leaving little room between your skin and the fabric.

Instead, Dr Perry recommended wearing loose-fitting, cotton clothing which won’t show sweat patches.

It is also best to avoid grey and marl colours as these highlight sweat patches more easily.

Prepare your underarms for antiperspirant

Under-performing deodorant and antiperspirant products can be frustrating, but it might be caused by the way you apply them rather than the product itself.

According to Dr Perry, the underarms should be clean and dry before using antiperspirant, and it should also be applied both in the morning after showering and just before you go to bed.

This is because the ingredients need time to create the block over the sweat duct and most people sweat less, or not at all, at night.

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