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How Goth Music and Fantasy Inspired Soccer Mommy’s New Album – Thrillist

For some, it can seem like you feel everything all at once, or nothing, with no in between. Being a Gemini-sun-Scorpio-rising, that’s all too true for Sophie Allison of Soccer Mommy—and it’s a sentiment she explores while closing out her new record Sometimes, Forever (out June 24 via Loma Vista Recordings), singing, “I don’t know how to feel things small / It’s a tidal wave or nothing at all” on “Still.”

That undulation of feeling has been a theme of the Nashville-based indie-rock artist’s music for years, from the pop-rock tunes about young love and self-esteem on her 2018 studio debut Clean to the physical and mental pain explored on 2020’s color theory. On Sometimes, Forever, though, it’s what encompassed the entire record, down to the title.

“The theme that ties [the album] together are these constant oppositions and back-and-forth—things that are constant but fading, and battling between different feelings,” says Allison. “When I was writing it, I was just writing about whatever happened in my life, but then looking back on the tracks, the themes that were coming out to me were very opposing.”

It makes for an excellent, engrossing record about the dichotomies many of us feel—from balancing dark and light emotions to the ecstasy of desire and the wariness of committing oneself fully to love. “For me, I can be very pulled into my emotions when I’m feeling them and feel like I’m always going to feel this way forever,” Allison says. “I haven’t been able to grasp easily the idea of things being able to constantly be back and forth—that they’re not always present—[but] that’s what inspired the album in the end.”

Sometimes, Forever continues to hone in on the personal songwriting that has resonated with Allison’s fans for years, but sonically, it’s the biggest record she’s ever released. Removed from her days as a bedroom artist, she’s found with uninhibited production and rock arrangements that try to capture the sweeping emotions she explores in her songs in a bold, at times eccentric way. Altogether, it’s mystical—like Allison channeled energy from crystals and a tarot deck to create a record that has a sense of magic. We spoke to Allison about everything that inspired the record.

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