Eyewear retail chain Bailey Nelson needed to boost its brand visibility and recall in the Australian market. And it knew that playing it safe simply wasn’t an option.

With a bold approach to video advertising, the retailer saw results soar.

The brief

Bailey Nelson has always put video advertising at the heart of its marketing strategy. However , with a goal of bolstering brand recall and making a dent in the competitive Australian market, the merchant knew it needed the fresh approach.

It came to longtime movie advertising partner Vidico with a task: to help create a campaign that ties together both product and brand name – the divergence from its traditional video efforts which focused on shots associated with Bailey Nelson’s eyewear products alone. The particular brand wanted something fresh, energetic plus comedic.

The brief was built on the concept of ‘bringing joy to eye care. ’ Vidico boiled the idea down into a simple takeaway: keeping prices low but quality high, turning every prescription into a celebration associated with sorts.

The challenge – and opportunity – has been to create a powerful brand story that showed off Bailey Nelson’s unique value proposition and joyful brand personality.

The idea

To keep things fun, the team developed the idea of creating the presenter-format video clip in which a host walks viewers through the hilarious and often awful experience of purchasing eyewear with which so many consumers are all too familiar.

Along with an vision toward the particular ethos of ‘bringing pleasure to attention care, ’ the group kept humor front-and-center. The particular team combined its narrative-led concept along with quippy dialogue, cutaway gags and zany shots to deliver a hilarious whirlwind effect.

Of course , the team didn’t want to focus so much on character that this lost sight of the item. It focused on nailing the product shots while couching narrative descriptions associated with the eyewear within a barrage of cultural references, visual metaphors and witty banter.

A complicated, four-day production involving a 12-person crew, the diverse cast, a co-directing team, a co-producing group and a number of detailed set builds culminated in a wild and wacky three-minute branded film.

The ad had been deployed on YouTube in the form associated with a three-minute hero movie, followed by short-form video ads that spotlighted unique selling propositions conditionally surfaced based on whether or not the viewer skipped the long-form ad.

The outcomes

“This was Bailey Nelson’s first defining brand statement using video, plus we simply couldn’t be more stoked with what it’s done for us, ” said the particular brand’s content director Michael Beveridge inside a statement.

The particular brand ran the campaign on Youtube . com for two staggered one-month periods in late 2021.

Data gleaned through a brand uplift survey run through YouTube were impressive. Bailey Nelson saw a 97% lift in brand awareness and a 4, 114% Google Search lift. The marketing campaign garnered 1 . 1m views – and a year on, the video’s comments section is still a lively and engaged forum.

This campaign was a winner at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising APAC 2022. The particular Drum Honours for Marketing are currently open for entry. Find out how you can enter now .

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