Herbal Pharm keeps its pulse on the nation’s health concerns. Inspired by the War on Diabetes campaign launched from the Ministry of Health in 2016, the team promoted  one associated with its bestselling products, Dia-Med , to help diabetic individuals maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Said Dr Krunanathi: “It is made with 100 per cent nopal cactus, a plant-based superfood that is known to help regulate blood sugars and support healthy glucose levels . ” 

To nudge more Singaporeans towards a lower-sugar diet, the company also launched a range of organic coconut sugars products as a healthier substitute for processed glucose.


Natural Pharm now has a lot more than 50 employees, and offers a diverse range of supplements plus wellness products for all age groups and across different health needs.  

In order to enhance the particular absorption of its health supplements, the company is currently collaborating with a deep tech partner to develop a range of items integrating terahertz and far-infrared technologies.

Stated Dr Krunanathi: “ Terahertz is a range of electromagnetic waves that has been researched for its healing properties. Far-infrared rays , on the other hand, have the ability to ionise and activate water molecules in our cells. Incorporating both may help trigger the body’s natural repair cells in order to enhance wound healing, stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation. It may also enhance the particular absorption of nutrients within the body. ”


For its next phase associated with growth, Organic Pharm will be looking to enter other markets. It ventured into Australia last year, and is now exploring Vietnam and other Asian countries. Earlier this year, it took part in a business mission in order to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), organised by the UAE-Singapore Business Council, along with the aim of expanding into the Gulf Cooperation Council region.  

On home ground, the business is also widening its physical footprint. In 2020, Herbal Pharm grew out of the humble beginnings in a three-story shophouse upon Race Course Lane to four corporate spaces (a showroom, the distribution centre and two warehouses), on top of its head office in Toa Payoh.

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