Health and nutritional product providers are embracing China’s great market potential, with multinational companies taking to the stage at the 5th China International Import Expo to draw attention to new health and wellness trends.

French food and beverage giant Danone said it has accelerated the introduction of early life nutritional supplements and many of its products, locally made and conceived, have hit the marketplace to cater to multiple health and wellness demands.

Danone and the Chinese Nutrition Society released a white paper on nutritional awareness among those aged between 40 and 60 years in the ongoing fifth CIIE.

Health, nutrition supplement providers flex their muscles at CIIE

Ti Gong

Danone and the Chinese Nourishment Society launched a white paper upon nutritional consciousness among those aged between 40 plus 60 years at the 5th China World Import Expo.

Chairman of the particular Chinese Diet Society Yang Yuexin called for active approaches in order to focus on dietary habits and nutrition issues for middle-aged groups plus the elderly, saying the white paper could help them better realize health issues and take action.

The survey, which had more than 7, 000 respondents, showed that their highest concerns were enhancing immunity, weight control and digestive health.

Over 80 percent of them said they needed to improve their wellness situation for the much better, with problems ranging from gut health, sleeping disorders plus chronic disorders.

Bruno Chevot, president of Danone China, North Asia and Oceania, said that the particular CIIE, as a platform enabling openness plus new opportunities, has accelerated China businesses, especially in the nutritional segment.

This year, the company has brought a new product portfolio to the CIIE which usually suits infants as well as the seniors population.

Specialized medical formula with regard to infants and children along with genetic rare disorders have made appearances at previous expos and they’re now available for domestic customers through cross-border e-commerce channels.

Danone offers also expanded its research and development facilities plus medical dietary manufacturing base as it continues to deepen its roots in China.

Health, nutrition supplement providers flex their muscles at CIIE

Ti Gong

The particular booth of USANA, a health sciences company, in the fifth CIIE

USANA, an American health sciences company, debuted at the particular expo by showcasing its healthy concept and solutions of high-quality healthy lifestyle, featuring online and offline integrated and interactive experiences.

Guo Weiyang, a gymnastics Olympic champion, made an appearance on the company’s booth, which features a homely atmosphere with nature and healthy concept highlighted. Recyclable materials are used.

China, which accounts for nearly 50 percent associated with USANA’s sales volume, provides become the company’s biggest market.

“With the particular launch of the ‘Healthy China 2030’ initiative, as well as the change within domestic consumption concept in China, people’s understanding about health has changed and their demand on health is getting more diversified as well, and the huge potential associated with the The far east market is spurring companies to make innovations in order to bring more healthy products plus services to them, ” stated Sun Lei, executive director of product sales operation and business development of USANA BabyCare.

“USANA is honored to participate in the CIIE for the first time upon our 30th anniversary, the platform that will plays a huge role in promoting the development of USANA in Tiongkok and even in the world, ” mentioned Brent Neidig, USANA managing director plus chief officer in Cina.

“We will firmly insist on investing within the China and taiwan market, hoping to multi-dimensionally elevate healthful lifestyle in China through our innovative health idea and contribute to the overall improvement of life quality. ”

Health, nutrition supplement providers flex their muscles at CIIE

Ti Gong

The Blackmores presentation area at the 5th CIIE

Vitamins and supplements provider Blackmores has brought items for babies and women and the pet product line PAW.

The particular China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Wellness Products and the Australian company launched a joint report on the nutritional supplements industry.

China’s nutritional as well as supplement business size is around 400 billion yuan (US$55. 12 billion), with 15, 375 certified products and the market continues in order to gain momentum, according to the “Report on Development of Vitamins and Dietary Supplements Industry. ”

China’s import size associated with dietary supplements has been picking up rapidly, with the particular import amount adding seven. 8 percent to US$5. 2 billion in 2021, nearly twelve times higher than that in 2008.

It has seen increased consumer interest in immunity-enhancing products and sales of elderberry items have soared while vitamin and mineral product sales are also maintaining good energy.

Chewing gums along with specialty functions such as sports performance dietary supplements and other special purposed food are being embraced by the younger generation.

Blackmores’ eye care products, heart health & cholesterol health supplements and bone vitality products are showcased at the booth.

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