Never before have four eyes been so popular. Glasses are no longer regarded as a necessary corrective measure for basic daily functioning, but rather as a fashionable accessory that can instantly improve your appearance. Reading glasses are as much about how you’re perceived as they are about exactly how well you can see, spawning a slew of trendy new boutique opticians and a lot of options from the biggest names in fashion. This article considered frames that rest on the face quite comfortably and makes your encounter relaxed. Moreover, eyeglasses come with various types of frames and nose bridges such as round-shaped, square-shaped and hexagonal eyeglasses. Here are some o the important things that might be considered before buying the correct pair of sunglasses with regard to yourself.
There are several other factors to consider rather than your prescription. High-index lenses may benefit those with a strong prescription If not, the particular lens may be too thick for the frames. Even with high-index lenses, extremely strong lens powers may necessitate the use of slightly smaller frames, as large frames can be too heavy for the face. Therefore , choosing the perfect structures and lenses for stylish men’s glasses is similar to trying on suits, but the process could be overwhelming at times.


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Right here are a few of the best-looking glasses regarding men under 500 available online:

Getting started on this list of best glasses intended for men below 500, first up are these full-rim round men’s sunglasses. This frame is very attractive and will surely look great on every face type whether it be square or round. The ecstatic black plus red colour on the particular frame can make it look even better than ever before. However, these glasses are also comfortable on your encounter, thanks to the beautiful and comfy nose pads which are certainly of high quality.
Next up on this particular list associated with glasses to get men under 500 is this stylish-looking rectangular-shaped frame for men. This frame will indeed be very comfortable on the face because of the lightweight material used upon these glasses. Also, these Faddish full rim rectangular glass frames are made from supreme quality and lightweight acetate material that will ensures comfort all the way around even if you are wearing them pertaining to long. Furthermore, the stylish white colour on the framework will also give you that fine appear after putting on these frames.

Moving ahead on this list of top eyeglasses for guys below Rs. 500 is this elegant-looking glasses body that will be supremely attractive after placing your desired lens on it. The sleek rectangle-shaped shape plus the gorgeous metal frame make them a product worth buying at this price point. The black metal framework looks just more than brilliant upon this Redex stylish rectangle eyewear glasses. Moreover, the nose pad on this Redex frame is also adjustable that ultimately making them a perfect product.

Getting along about this list associated with stylish glasses for a man, next up are usually these stylish-looking frames from Dervin. These Dervin structures have an unique look compared to the other glasses on the list. The particular hexagonal shape on this gives it a look really worth adoring. The strong metal frame which is silver in color also ensures its durability even much better. Putting on these types of voguish-looking eyeglasses along with your lenses will surely make you appearance a touch smarter compared to your friends and colleagues.

Royal Son Full Rim Round Spectacle Frame For Men

Round shapes are currently in trend whether it be sunglasses or your own regular reading glasses. This particular specific round-shaped sunglasses body from Royal Son is a product that is a must-have item because of its sleek design. The particular sleek-looking round-shaped design makes your face look like an intelligent person. Moreover, the particular strong metal hinges plus high-class metallic used while making these frame associated with glasses ensures that these glasses will stay on your face for too long. These Royal Son full-rim round sunglasses are furthermore flexible which adds to their benefits even more.

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Dervin Black Transparent Rectangular Sunglasses Frame For Men

These square glasses frames for men are one of the most common types of glass frames that are available in the particular market presently. Also, it is better to understand that these sq . shape generally goes well with each face regardless of its shape and size. Moreover, the finest quality materials used whilst making these types of Dervin dark glasses frame for men is also quite commendable and amazing. The lightweight feature of these eyeglasses frames is also a plus point that will makes this super comfortable to wear meant for it for longer durations.

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Glasses designed for men under 500- FAQs

  1. Can I use the same frame just for new glasses?
    You may usually keep your old frames when you get new lenses as long as they are in good condition and do not have the particularly complex shape. In case your old frames are usually broken or worn out, you will need to buy new ones in addition to brand new lenses.
  2. How long do most eyeglasses frames last?
    The average lifespan of glasses for guys is one to three years, yet this can vary depending on just how well you maintain your eyeglasses. Generally, average people change their glasses every 20 months.
  3. How can I tell if my glasses are properly fitted?
    A competent eye care professional will use the three-touch rule to ensure a proper fit. “The structures should rest on the particular bridge associated with the nose and 1 stem on the top from the right ear, plus one on the top of the left ear perfectly aligned. Also, the particular frame of the eye glasses should not be too narrow nor should be too broad.


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