New Zealand dairy cooperative Fonterra has targeted its development efforts to tackle some of the lifestyle challenges facing consumers today.

The world’s largest dairy exporter believes our lifestyles are impacting our own performance. Long working hours and more time in front of screens can take a toll on our eyes, brain and body, the dairy products company notes.

Blue light from TVs, computers, smart phones, and tablets has been linked in order to issues ranging from disturbed sleep to headaches plus problems with eye health ​.  

Fonterra believes dairy can provide the solution. The company aims in order to leverage its expertise in dairy advancement and nutrition to develop solutions that combat cognitive degradation and any ill effects of blue gentle.

The team, together along with scientists from Fonterra’s Research and Development Centre, have been working on a solution that could help people improve their cognition performance, we were told.

“We’ve taken our farmers’ milk plus added other special ingredients, to create a cognitive supplement system, aiming to improve people’s intellectual performance and ease their stress levels when consumed as part of a healthy, balanced diet, ” ​ explained Judith Swales, CEO of Fonterra Asia Pacific.

‘Nutrient bundles’ for mind and feeling boost

Fonterra’s R& D teams used New Zealand pasture-fed buttermilk powder as a base to develop new ingredients that deliver benefits for human brain to eye health. This is produced using a blend associated with fresh dairy products cream plus skim milk and has the ‘distinguishing feature’ that it is rich in phospholipids.

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