5 years are perhaps long enough to test the nature of a relationship, and for the China International Import Expo, it has cultivated a cluster of multinational corporations that have longstanding loyalties enabling them to come along with the event all the way.

Having witnessed the particular productive results in the past five years, they benefit from the platform associated with CIIE and keep investing in the country in order to strengthen their engagement with the vast market in China.

As one of the largest exhibitors and the rotating chairman of the particular CIIE Enterprise Alliance, L’Oréal has been an “old friend” of CIIE. It considers the big event a good excellent illustration of China’s resolve to continue opening up and its robust economic resilience.

Fabrice Megarbane, president associated with L’Oréal North Asia Zone and chief executive officer of L’Oréal China, said that “I’ve been very close to this event plus have seen it grow bigger and bigger every year. ”

Its high-end brand Prada Beauty is being introduced as a new brand into China along with the PARADOXE perfume, and the Lancôme Absolute Dual-LED Youth Treatment, using a proprietary LED light treatment, is also making its Asian debut.

Five years in a row! CIIE cultivates intimacy with global giants with productive returns

Ti Gong

The Lancôme Absolute Dual-LED Youth Treatment, using a proprietary LED light treatment, is making its Asian debut at CIIE.

Special chemicals company Evonik is another five-year exhibitor in CIIE. With the theme of “Driving sustainable development to co-create a green future, ” Evonik showcased a series of innovative, eco-friendly plus sustainable solutions tailed with regard to local market needs this year.

Asked why it is so attached to CIIE, Xia Fuliang, president of Evonik The far east, said CIIE has given huge spillover effects for the company in the past five many years.

“Evonik attended the first CIIE inside 2018, and it enabled us to open a new chapter in our business development inside China, inch Xia stated.

“This year, we have again noticed increasing marketplace demand regarding innovative products and technologies as well as sustainable solutions, and we will continue in order to drive green transformation within the company and contribute to the revolutionary and low-carbon development associated with the Chinese industries, inches Xia mentioned.

Evonik launched 18 innovative products and lasting solutions, covering various application areas such as automobiles, consumer goods, and urban construction. Six of these innovations are usually making their global debut and three for Asia debut. It also released “Evonik Sustainability Practices in China” for the particular first time, introducing the latest achievements in environmentally friendly development in China.

Five years in a row! CIIE cultivates intimacy with global giants with productive returns

Evonik seals another deal with partners at the 5th CIIE.

Nearly 20 skincare plus beauty items from the South Korean cosmetics company Amorepacific will make their own debut along with over 500 other products at this year’s exhibition, also its fifth straight participation in the event.

The company has relocated to an integrated industry park in Jiading District known as the “Amorepacific Shanghai Beauty Campus, ” which includes manufacturing, research, and logistics. It said it would continue with its local research efforts.

Mike Hwang, president of Amorepacific Tiongkok, said that the company plans to concentrate on premium lines and personal-care products with high efficacy to better meet community lifestyle expectations.

Popular brands such as Sulwhasoo, Laneige and Mamonde will launch new products or limited packaging designs to match the tastes of the particular Chinese market, as well as provide engaging, unique customer experiences at their particular booths.

“The CIIE is an excellent platform intended for us to gain insights in to local demands, and we have been speeding up the introduction of new items and systems into Cina since our first presence in 2018, ” he added.

The particular 3D mask printing technology introduced from the 2018 CIIE gave the firm the confidence to expand its tailor-made product ranges, and it subsequently released the Laneige customizable lip face mask.

BESPOKE NEO, a customized cosmetics service offering upward to 150 different shades and colors of foundation to complement various skin tones, will be making its debut inside China.

Lee Yunha, director associated with the Amorepacific Shanghai D& I Center, said that anti-aging plus whitening skincare will be the center of attention over the next several years within order to meet local demand.

Five years in a row! CIIE cultivates intimacy with global giants with productive returns

The Laneige Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum is making its world debut.

For the eyecare and eyewear company EssilorLuxottica, it regards the expo as a crucial venue to get promoting partnerships and eye care knowledge.

“CIIE offers become one of the most important places for us to present and deliver brand new products, experience, and concepts to the Chinese marketplace and we possess successfully brought several revolutionary exhibits in order to the market, ” stated KL Lim, head of Professional Solutions at EssilorLuxottica China.

The eye health associated with youngsters as well as the elderly has received unprecedented attention, and the National Health Commission has proposed additional criteria based on a national blueprint.

Local collaborators were utilized to advance the particular establishment of Chinese plus ISO standards in the field of ophthalmic optics.

Lego Group highlighted that the CIIE has played a significant role in previous years in showcasing China’s commitment in order to advancing opening-up and bridging global enterprises with neighborhood partners and stakeholders.

This year, the 396-square-meter Lego booth is usually also hosting a 90-second competition for visitors to build their own tailor-made models.

Lego opened a brand new flagship store in Chongqing at the end of October, featuring brick models of local scenery plus hotpot, a local specialty meal. The company now operates a total of eight flagship stores in China and taiwan, two associated with which are located in Shanghai.

The particular German technologies giant Heraeus has moved to the eco-friendly field associated with “Energy, Low Carbon and Environmental Protection Technology Zone” for the particular first period this season after four yrs of continued expansion of its CIIE booth.

A variety of key materials and technology, including precious metal recycling, high-efficiency photovoltaic cell pastes plus power electronic systems pertaining to electric vehicles are on show this year, while the Chameleon optical fiber continuous temperature measurement system used in the metallurgical industry is definitely making the Aisa first appearance.

Jan Rinnert, chairman of board associated with managing directors and CEO of Heraeus Group, declared that CIIE has provided the company with an excellent opportunity to share and explore opportunities.

“This year, we will combine Heraeus’ technical expertise with the Chinese customers’ growing environmental protection needs, and Heraeus hopes to join hands with customers and the particular industry in order to help The far east achieve this climate goals, ” Rinnert said via a video clip.

Five years in a row! CIIE cultivates intimacy with global giants with productive returns

The 2022 CIIE presentation area of Heraeus

Cindy Ruan, vice president of IKEA China, mentioned that the company has long-term expectations meant for China’s marketplace potential and that the CIIE presents a fantastic opportunity provided China’s commitment to carry on opening up its economy.

It is offering a preview of the FOSSTA collection that will celebrates the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit with 32 products spanning porcelain, textiles, and home decorations.

Using circular-structured and nature-symbolized design elements, it leverages the idea “Make Home Happen” plus creates the particular IKEA House Park to demonstrate to Chinese language consumers more possibilities associated with a greener home life.

Stephen Fung, China chief executive of Fung Group, said that the organization has recognized the enormous potential designed for trade in services since the first CIIE inside 2018 which showcasing the supply chain solutions on the fair enables it to fully optimize its product and service model in order to increase the domestic market.

The trading conglomerate, whose operations include strategies, distribution, plus retail, stated that the trade within the services sector complements its vast array of solutions for various industries.

MEIYUME, the beauty division of Li Fung, has expanded its “flexible customized manufacturing” service to include makeup, skin care, hair treatments, and oral care in addition in order to perfumes.

Another affiliate, COBALT, is showcasing a “trash-to-treasure” solution within which bottles are cleaned and chopped into pieces before being recycled directly into PET particles and spun into polyester yarn.

Five years in a row! CIIE cultivates intimacy with global giants with productive returns

Ti Gong

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