Fancy Face founder Brittany Gray took an unusual career path to become a beauty entrepreneur.   “As a teenager and in my early 20s I worked as an actress in Hollywood movies like Chicago with Catherine Zeta-Jones, ” ​ Gray said. “I saw the transformative power of makeup and realized I had a natural knack for doing makeup for myself and others, so I spent time getting formally trained and certified as a professional makeup artist. ”

Grey started up Fancy Encounter in 2006 as the luxury hair and make-up service, covering everything from bridal and red-carpet events to editorial shoots and television. Since then it had become one of Toronto’s most prestigious beauty team, made up of 30 seasoned experts.

Strategic adaptation during COVID

This success was followed by the particular launch of a signature beauty line in May 2020, a makeup plus skin care range made with high-quality, natural, and cruelty-free ingredients, as well as the opening of a boutique and beauty salon in Toronto, the Rosé Room.

“By introducing a product line to our service business, our company had strategically adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic and allowed us to grow our company two-fold despite an economic downturn, ” ​ said Gray. “In addition, we expanded to sell our signature collection of cosmetics and skincare through our own e-commerce website—an important undertaking and the huge step in the right direction. ”

No desire in order to launch seven different eye creams

So how did Fancy Face differ from its competitors? “When this comes to our service offerings, we strive to be experts within what all of us do. For example , we style hair but don’t cut it, ” ​ said Grey.  

Fancy Face founder Brittany Gray

Elegant Face founder Brittany Gray

“For our makeup products and skin care product variety, we only have standout products in each category. I have no desire to launch 7 different vision creams. We take the particular time in order to formulate plus make sure the ingredients are impactful. I’ll wait anywhere from a year to a year-and-a-half before I release something to ensure it’s the best on the market and that it actually works. I actually focus on what is efficacious, so I’d say being solution-oriented makes us unique. ”

And when it came to NPD, the customer was always at the front associated with Gray’s mind as the busy mom who rarely had period for herself. “I want them to feel luxurious, ” ​ she said. “If that’s the only moment in the day that they pamper themselves, I would like it in order to be impactful. ”

We don’t overcomplicate things

The brand also aimed to combine customer education with its retail goods. “We’re not merely attempting to upsell. We explain why this is a good product, this is how to use it, and this is how you can look and feel your best. We avoid overcomplicate points. ”

One topic that will Gray felt had turn out to be too complex was the clean beauty movement. “Clean elegance has become a greenwashing of the attractiveness industry, ” ​ she stated.   “While some companies choose to go down the thoroughly clean beauty route because this aligns along with their values and beliefs, other businesses are only taking advantage of this motion with misleading marketing—throwing around words such as ‘all-natural’, ‘eco-friendly’, and ‘green’. ”

Sustainable packaging is key for our customers

Another industry trend Grey spoke passionately about wa sustainability plus this had been a focus for all Fancy Encounter product packaging.

Its recyclable shipping boxes were made from 100%-recycled materials and produced by a carbon-neutral plus environmentally conscious company, printed with soy-based inks, sealed with vegetable-based glue, and made locally in Ontario. The bubble mailers had been created using +80% recycled plastics and free from harmful chemicals. The brand just used tissue paper imprinted with soy ink that came through forests that were ethically managed, harvested, and certified by the particular FSC. And finally, the packing peanuts were biodegradable and decomposed in water. Packing peanuts normally required 500 years to break down, yet these were made of static-free organic starch plus could become dissolved in water.

Saving valuable time for the particular contemporary woman

Fancy Face recently hosted a holiday pop-up to give clients an immersive retail experience and this opened up Gray’s eyes to see the many possibilities within the retail space.   “Looking ahead, the focus will be primarily upon expanding our reach, ” ​ she says. “We have a sizeable following within Ontario, but I’m constantly looking with regard to ways to get new eyes on the brand name. I would ideally like to open three in order to four additional Fancy Encounter store locations spread across the Greater Toronto Area and I’m also beginning to consider how we want to be positioned geographically for our own brick-and-mortar spaces. ”

Gray viewed partnerships as another potential growth opportunity and she was continually on the particular lookout regarding retail partners who could offer complimentary products in order to Fancy Face’s offering.

“My view is that if someone enters Fancy Face and purchases our skincare and makeup but still needs a gift, my goal is to give them the complete shopping experience with the help of the retail companions, ” ​ she said. “For example, our customers can include a claw clip plus some scrunchies, bath salts, or the candle along with a really cute match set at Fancy Encounter and needn’t look elsewhere. My future focus in this area is all about: ‘How can I save valuable time for the contemporary woman? ’ We want to make Fancy Face an one-stop for everything our customers might need. ”

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