Sure, Jodie Comer’s acting history (and BAFTA and Emmy awards) proves that the Liverpuddlian is talented.

Plus, her alignment with Noble Panacea as the brand’s celebrity ambassador shows she’s got high standards when it comes to beauty products.  

To top it all off, she also  trumped the particular world’s most beautiful woman list earlier this year, and to be honest, we’re far from surprised.  

After seeing the Killing Eve star saunter down the red carpet awards season after awards season, we have to know — what’s Jodie Comer’s skin care routine, and what products is she hiding in her makeup bag?  

We’ve scoured Comer’s many interviews over the years to give you the lowdown on the 29-year-old’s go-to skin care and makeup products.

A coconut oil cleanser

“I really love using coconut oil to cleanse, ” Comer told Marie Claire in 2021. “I feel like you need just the tiniest bit when washing your face. ” 

“If I’ve had a long day filming the particular day before, then I’ll probably head towards some sort of balm because eye make-up can be brutal, ” the girl admitted.  

“I hate when you wash your makeup off the night before, and you still wake up with the panda eyes the next day. ”

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