Here’s our regular rundown of new and notable veterinary products.


A mobile app for cat owners, Tably uses artificial intelligence based on veterinary-approved pain scales to help detect how your feline is feeling based on subtle facial cues captured with your phone’s camera. This tool can be useful after a procedure, for making health-related decisions, or just to obtain further insight about your cat. Tably was built in partnership with a team of veterinarians and currently works only on adult cats.

AminAvast Supplements

These dog and cat supplements help assistance natural kidney function plus help maintain the health of aging kidneys. AminAvast dietary supplements support normal renal cell structure and aim in order to maintain regular renal health. Ingredients include a combination of naturally occurring amino acids and a peptide that supports kidney health.

LitterBox by Litter Locker

The LitterBox simply by Litter Locker simplifies maintenance and cleanup for cat parents. The high flexible edges help prevent litter overflows while the integrated handles fold effortlessly to facilitate the transport plus disposal associated with soiled litter. The glossy finish on the inside indicates the particular ideal level of litter and pouring direction. It’s comfortable for cats of all sizes.

Project Watson Dog Health Care Line

Launched by Bausch + Lomb Corporation, Project Watson health care products with regard to dogs are specifically formulated to assist promote canines’ eye and ear health, plus overall well-being using high-quality, naturally inspired ingredients. Task Watson items include vision wash, eyelid wipes, hearing wash, ear canal wipes,   an eye wellness supplement along with tear stain support, and an  attention and multi-health supplement.

Bonkers Treats

Bonkers treats regarding dogs plus cats feature a crunchy outer shell filled with a gooey center, providing pets with texture and highly palatable flavor. Crazy cat treats are available in 5 flavors: Salmon Supreme, Paw Lickin’ Chicken, Seafood & Eat It!, Bangin’ Beef, and Catnip Chick ‘n’ Cheddar. The particular cat treats contain under 2 calories per treat. Bonkers dog treats are available in 3 flavors: Beef Lovers; Chicken Chomps, and Bacon Bitties. The dog treats contain under five calories per treat.   The goodies are free from wheat, soy, artificial colors, and tastes.

Mutt Natural Dog Care

This line features homemade products developed to meet the unique needs of every dog and includes natural canine bubble baths, bath bombs, shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in conditioners, plus nose plus paw balms. The products were designed to be reminiscent of human care products and the packaging gives off a ’70s and ’80s vibe.

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